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After failing to qualify for the Kiev Major and a having a less than average performance at the StarLadder i-League Invitational 2, Alliance have let go of EGM.

Jerry “EGM” Lundkvist has been with Alliance since their founding; including their early days as No Tidehunter. He has been by the team’s side through various honours, such as 1st place finishes at DreamHack Summer 2013, DreamLeague Season 1 and StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 1. And let's not forget that magical win over Natus Vincere which secured them triumph and a trophy at TI3.

But as of today, Alliance have decided to let EGM go from the squad. According to the statement released on their website Jonathan “Loda” Berg had the following to say,

There is not much to say other than the fact that the team has not been working out as well as we wanted and we have decided to remove EGM from the team. As a group we get along very well, but our in-game synergy is not completely there. We were on the right track a few times but our failure to qualify for the Kiev major was a blow we did not really bounce back from. We need a change, and with the pre-existing synergy between our three other players this is what is best going toward The International.

Loda went on to wish EGM all the best for his future endevours and included that he would always be welcome within the Alliance organization and family. With the registration lock looming, May 24th 2017, Alliance will update and announce their new roster – or any news on this front – in the coming days and we look forward to hearing who the replacement will be.

We wish EGM all the best and hope to see him finding success on a new team in no time.

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source: Alliance.gg


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