Siltbreaker; Valve's first co-op storyline goes live this month

Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

Siltbreaker - Valve's first foray into the co-op storyline, goes live at the end of this month.

The Siltbreaker campaign is part of the new Battlepass for The International 7 - meaning only owners of the compendium will be able to participate.

This represents the first time that Valve will be adding a new game event that is based around a story line instead of their traditional verses the environment (PVE) mode. Typically in-game events are held annually, and for one-time promotional purposes such as DireTide, Frostivius, New Bloom, Nemesis Assassin Event, Dark Moon. Within the previous Battlepass releases were various quests for players or teams to fulfill.

The two part mode will set off on adventure to explore the Dark Reef - an underwater prison - aptly created for the battlepass theme this year.

Slitbreaker requires a party of at least four people - a stack or randomly matched players. Together, players will set out on an underwater adventure into the Dark Reef custom map to fight various enemies and take on different challenges -  all in effort to save the seas from evil forces at hand.

The first Act, The Sands of Fate, will be released at the end of May while Act Two, A Vault in the Deep, is set for an unknown release date sometime in July.

As Act I opens, a dormant evil stirs in the depths of Dark Reef, with only the secret Conclave of the Brine prepared to face it. Will you answer the Conclave's call and journey to halt this dark power's ascent?

Campaign XP points are rewarded every time you adventure into the Dark Reef, points that can be used to spin a wheel for certain rewards. The biggest reward of the Campaign is a Desert Sand Baby Roshan courier.  

Players can purchase the basic TI7 BattlePass HERE for $9.99.  As per usual, 25% of all TI7 Compendium sales will be redirected to increasing The International prize-pool. So far, according to the TI7 prizepool tracker, the current prize pool is $7,928,554. In only six days since it's release - that translates to a whopping 396% increase from the starting $1,600,000 award. At this time, it looks as if the TI7 sales will outpace that of TI6 which reached a staggering and record breaking $20,770,460.


At this time it is not know if the game mode will only be accessible for a limited time or whether the mode will be available for purchase once this year's International Battle Pass stops being sold.

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