DAC 2017 Compendium released as a website

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 20 March 2017 12:55

Perfect World surprises us with a website-compendium for DAC where everyone gets to vote on the All-Star Match lineups and the Solo Championship.

The DAC Compendium has several different pages where fans can vote, support and send messages to their favorite teams and players. Each action made on the DAC compendium website awards the users with “Battle Power Items” which can be used to increase a certain team’s battle power. At the end of the event the top three users on each team page will receive “souvenirs” from the team. However, it is unclear if these souvenirs will be available for the western fans or they will be delivered only to those who run Dota 2 on the Perfect World client.

For instance, on the Support Wall page, where fans can send messages to their favorite team it is mentioned that only the ones logged in via Perfect World will have a chance at winning one of the stretch goals prizes. And as a matter of fact, the only social media interactions possible are via Weibo, and other Chinese platforms.

Despite the bias towards the Chinese community, the DAC Compendium has two pages that are interesting for everyone who will be watching the tournament. All users can vote for whom they would like to see in the Solo Championship and for the All-Star match team lineups. The All-Star match will be a Chinese team vs a non-Chinese team made of players you get to vote for. The match will be a Reverse Captain’s Mode and will take place on the 3rd of April.

The Solo Championship is scheduled for 2nd of April in a bo1, single elimination bracket and only Shadow Fiend will be allowed.



The Dota 2 Asia Championships Compendium will also feature an event prediction page which will be available on the website starting on the 25th of March and an in-game Treasure, announced to be released on the 22nd of March. But it also uncertain if it’s going to be available exclusively on the Perfect World servers or not.  


Do you prefer this kind of a website compendium as opposed to the in-game one?

Yes, if it would reward fans all over the world and not one region only
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No, I prefer to grind my levels and rewards via Dota 2 matches.
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