Kiev Major tickets impossible to buy online, Karabas announce the event is SOLD OUT

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

Today should have been the day when the Kiev Major ticket should have gone on sale online via Karabas.

Valve’s announcement from a week ago regarding the Kiev Major ticket sale didn’t give any kind of hint that purchase would also be available at the venue, on the contrary, it was encouraging the fans to set up their Karabas account in advance to “ensure a smooth purchasing experience”. Nonetheless, when the big day came and the clock ticked past 10:00 a.m. Eastern European Time, the website went totally offline. Almost an hour after the tickets were scheduled to go on sale Karabas posted via their VK account that the event is sold out.



In the meantime, a lot of Dota 2 personalities or fans were spamming social media reporting the impossibility of securing a single ticket.

The Dota 2 subreddit first page is also flooded with posts from users who aren’t able to buy Kiev Major tickets. Amidst all this madness, some fans started to post pictures with stacks of tickets bought from Venue, which should have not been possible.


picture source: dota2.ru 


According to Vitalii 'v1lat' Volochai, people were allowed to buy up to 50 tickets at once and the Russian website dota2.ru has even posted pictures with the line formed in front of the venue and the purchased tickets.

picture source: dota2.ru 


At the time of publication of this article, the purchases via Karabas are still not possible, the site listing the event as SOLD OUT.  



Were you able to buy a ticket for the Kiev Major via Karabas?

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  • James "Yared" A ,
    How much is thy bidding my master?
  • jon "fuku" snow ,
    nuke the faggots who bought 50 tickets. nuke the fuck out of them
  • Amina "Kaliya" Kaliya ,
    How it works is: people buy 40-50 tickets and sell them with 3x-5x price just before the event starts. This is a common problem in ex-Soviet Union countries. Sad, but true ('_')


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