EG chooses consistency, retains roster

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

EG is the third American team, after coL and NP, to announce that they will not be undergoing any roster changes.

After achieving podium finishes in most of the events they have participated in, and finishing 3rd-4th place at The Boston Major, EG has decided that their roster for the Fall season will stay together for the next season. In addition, Clinton 'Fear' Loomis will continue his position as coach on the team.

With the announcement, EG can be expected to lock their roster when the drop period ends on December 27th, thereby forcing the team to stick together until the conclusion of The Kiev Major on the 23rd of April 2017.

The news comes as no surprise after EG's numerous podium finishes and a prediction by Jacky 'EternalEnvy' Mao that most rosters will stay together due to The Boston Major's format. In light of this, the community's reaction to the news was very positive, with most Twitter users praising the decision as a good one, and a user expressing shock at Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev not joining Team Secret.

The current EG roster is very young, stretching back to the post-TI6 shuffle, where Arteezy and Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen were brought in after Fear's and Peter 'PPD' Dager's decision to leave the EG Dota2 roster.

Source: EG's Twitter
Headline and banner image by PGL, from The Boston Major


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  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    This are the right choice for EG tbh.You can't fire Cr1t for being inexperienced and i am pretty sure we haven't seen the full power of this EG roster.The play better than expected tbh.Just a lot of work left on Cr1t as he can easily be outdrafted as we have seen during Boston Major's
  • Mohammad "dark230" dark ,
    The reason that single elim is garbage, is one team can win a full series versus another by out-drafting them. Like what EG did to VP and then OG did to EG etc. So the teams rly need to have another chance to find out their weaknesses. We all have seen many rematches in big tournaments like TI at the play-offs stage and it's quite interesting when the loser of the last series mostly wins the winner of that series and yeah in this way the true champion will win the trophy and no1 can question em.


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