SoNNeikO joins Vega Squadron

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One of the two new additions to the Vega Squadron team was officially announced, and it's none other than the CIS prodigy support SoNNeikO.

Akbar 'SoNNeikO' Butaev, The International 5 and 6 attendee with Natus Vincere, was released from the Ukrainian squad a week ago. With two of their members let go as well, Vega Squadron didn’t waste too much time before securing the 9K MMR support for themselves. SoNNeikO will replace Artsiom 'Fng' Barshak at Vega; however, it’s not yet decided if he will also take the team’s leadership.

Akbar is the one of the strongest players in CIS region. Moreover he is good both in micro and macro play which is very rare. I am glad that he joined Vega Squadron and hope that with his help our team can overcome the crisis of the last months - Georgy 'drAmer' Faleev, Manager of Vega Squadron

A few days ago Vega Squadron announced their decision to release both Fng and Bogdan 'Iceberg' Vasylenko from the roster in their attempt to make their Dota 2 team regain the success they once had. Vega Squadron had an overall disappointing run through 2016. From ESL One New York Champions at the end of 2015, they came nowhere close to qualifying for The International 6, and they recently failed to secure a spot for the Boston Major despite having a solid roster on paper. Hard decisions had to be made, but hopefully everything will pay off for the Russian organization in 2017.

SoNNeikO’s statement after joining Vega Squadron:

I am glad to become a part of this team and will make everything to achieve maximum results. I hope to come up to fan's expectation and I will not let them down

Vega Squadron current roster:

Ukraine Rostislav 'Fn' Lozovoi
Ukraine Andrey 'MAg-' Chipenko
Ukraine Syoma 'CeMaTheSlayeR' Krivulya
Russia Akbar 'SoNNeikO' Butaev

SoNNeikO’s addition leaves only the solo mid position unfilled. According to the organization, the announcement of their new mid player should come by the end of the week if everything goes well.

source: vega-squadron.com


Will Vega Squadron sign a big name from the CIS scene for the mid lane as well?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
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  • r "phat_pharming" r ,
    i think from CIS only sonneiko, ramzes and no.one are really really good world caliber players, easily up there in skill with anybody from EG or others, but CiS teams always had a problem in team chemistry, namely conflict management. I wish him luck but i don't see Vega squad having the same level of talent as Sooneiko. "9 fuckin K" support player not even cr1t or saska has that much. Mmr doesn't matter but it's hell of a hard time getting that high. This guy carried Navi so hard, and still Dendi kicked him. It must be Dendi since he always praised General for being nice and never mentioned soneiko, only said that he was godlike in skill. General wasn't kicked so it's safe to say he's(dondo) calling the shots, since Ditya and sonneiko both had better performance imo in the team and still got kicked, artsyle was a bit one dimensional and a drawback sometimes, so his kick was understandable.
    • Rexonial "Dancingwar" Bebb ,
      That must be a joke right? Dondo can't do the kicking/recruiting in Na'Vi because he's not the CEO/team manager unlike Puppey for Secret. He's just a player for Na'Vi. You must be a Dondo hater or something to jump into that conclusion. It's the Na'Vi managerial that released S-God from the team. It's somehow good though since he needed a better team but pretty disappointed that Vega picked him up.
      • Fernando "Nodiri" Pezzo Beraldo ,
        phat_pharming actually has a point there man.. One must be really blind to say that Dendi is not influential inside NaVi., even though he is not the CEO himself. Tell me another team that keeps a player because of what he was 6 years ago.. none. The point is that Dendi is the face of Navi, everyone can go but him. Maybe the merchandising around him, because of all his widows out there, is greater than the championship and Navi is ok with that. Imagine Navi without Dendi.. not Navi, huh? That seems influential enough for me
        • Rexonial "Dancingwar" Bebb ,
          *facepalm* Which part of that made him the one to make the decision to kick players? He's just the face, he can't kick a player. phat_pharming was blaming Dendi the whole time saying the kicking was entirely on Dendi. Tell me how many influential players in a team that made a decision to kick a player? More-ever, how many times was Dendi involve in members being released from Na'Vi? From the beginning, he never get into the kicking a player part alone. Mostly it's done by the team managerial with discussion with everyone and phat_pharming just said it's Dendi. Huh? He's not even the captain.
          • Fernando "Nodiri" Pezzo Beraldo ,
            lmao.. ok. ill respect your naive seeing of the world. ~involved!~ or not is just a matter of the organisation telling the world that, inst it? The point is not that he has the word alone or he is the last one to opt for some change, but his opinion matrters the most, its not that hard to understand, right? and you can see influential players making decisions all the time, like reginald on TSM LoL trying many times before retiring of his OWN team, Loda in alliance and many others.. and wow he is not the ingame leader since ti1, what a surprise
            • Rexonial "Dancingwar" Bebb ,
              'His opinion matters the most'.. lol. A team will be disastrous if you are the one handling it. The managerial team in Na'Vi do the decision. Do you really think they will let Dendi decide the whole thing? Loda? You kidding me? Comparing Loda with Dendi? Loda has been captaining many teams and been very successful. Has Dendi been captaining like Loda? There's no talking to you. I'm not going to fall into your level of thinking. Learn how managerial manages stuff first before talking. They did what best to make the team win not follow what the most popular player's opinion. Dendi seriously has no final say in this matter. If you still think that Dendi did the final say in kicking SoNneikO, then RIP you. lol So long and continue along your retarded way of thinking.
              • r "phat_pharming" r ,
                Dnacingwar you seem not to know how to read between the lines or to get the bigger picture and get lost in translation. In Na'Vi the last word is Zero Gravity's the long time CEO, he can kick Dendi if he wanted, but it's a fact that he gave him his trust to be his right hand in the DOta 2 department and Dendi's word matters 99%, since he is the one playing with the other guys. @Nodiri seems to understand perfectly, why can't you? Why wasn't General kicked, Sooneiko was defenitely the best player on the team, but maybe socially wasn't able to connect with the others or with Dendi, he's a more introvert guy, go watch all the interviews of Dendi 2016, he's always praising General that he is Vitya the Machina and how cool and funny he is. He aknowledges Sonneiko as being the most talented in the team, but you don't hear him talking about him like about General. I think Sonneiko didn't like stubborn Artstyle since he didn't want to play the heroes he wanted to draft for him, and maybe some bad blood between them since Son replaced him as draffter. Artsytle's other sup heroes are nowhere near the level of Chen and Ench, Sonn wanted them to transition in style, and he couldn't do that as long as Artstyle was on the team, I've seen those 2 having relatively heated exchanges during drafting phase when they switch cameras to players room. And I'm pretty sure Sonn wanted to leave cos of that, and Dendi wanted to keep him but got fed up with their arguments, so they ended up kicking Artstyle too. The Ditya kick i completely don't understand IMo he is a solid carry, maybe social reasons, maybe he's wierd i dunno, i think he was a package deal with Son, and ddin't want to stay if Son left. So Zero Gravity likes Dendi and always has from the start, because he is hard working, and has a lot of market brand value to Na'Vi, if he ever decides to sell Na'Vi to a big company.
                • Rexonial "Dancingwar" Bebb ,
                  This is what you said: 'This guy carried Navi so hard, and still Dendi kicked him. It must be Dendi since he always praised General for being nice and never mentioned soneiko, only said that he was godlike in skill. General wasn't kicked so it's safe to say he's(dondo) calling the shots' Tell me where did I lost in transition? You obviously said Dendi kicked Sonneiko when he did not. Go watch the video, the managers kicked them, not Dendi. What you said is what you think, what I said is what actually happened. SKVRRbCT0HQ
            • Rexonial "Dancingwar" Bebb ,
              One more thing, go and watch the video Na'Vi released. Around 8 minutes and you'll find your answer. Don't get shocked though for your naive way of thinking.


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