Spring Major and TI7 first details revealed

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

Valve has announced the dates for The Spring Major and The International 7 along with changes to the regional qualifiers.

The second and last Major pre-TI7 will run from the 20th to 23rd of April next year, with open qualifiers taking place from 6th to 9th March and regional qualifiers from 10th to 13th March. Starting with the next Major, Valve will break the Americas and Europe qualifiers in two separate sub-regions; North America/South America and Europe/CIS will be getting their own individual qualifiers. Simply stated, CIS and South America will have a guaranteed spot at Valve events next year.

While the exact dates for The International 7 are not yet set in stone, Valve's announcement stated that it will again be held in the first part of August. The open qualifiers for the biggest event of the year will take place between June 22nd and June 25th, with regional qualifiers running immediately after, on June 26 through 29.

But until then, Valve’s first event of the new season is approaching fast. The Boston Major is one month away, starting on the 3rd of December with the group stage, and continuing with the main event at the Wang Theater in Boston, Massachusetts from 7th to 10th of the same month.

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Who will benefit the most from Valve’s new regional division?

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  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    In my personal opinion i don't see this as a solution.If a team from South America or CiS can't beat teams like EG/Col/TS or liquid what chance to they have vs the Chinese teams?Only American team that has any chance of fighting the eastern teams at the moment are EG.Maybe DC but they looked off vs NP
    • Denis "Vodka2Gud" Blah ,
      are you completely oblivious to the fact that a CIS team (VP) just beat liquid and secret? so what are you talking about? seriously bad logic.
      • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
        So by your logic VP taking 1 game from TS/liquid gets them instant invite or regional qualifiers?Speak once a Cis team actually wins anything.....i agree with asking any team can improve 2010-2013 EG just failed then they redid roster and EG became oneof the strongest teams in the world.. Cis Teams choke vs Chinese teams.Only team at the moment that put up a good fight are EG.They event stopped NB that was dominating mdl.You rate liquid and TS based on new rosters(still dumb of miracle to join Tl) and TS with 3 Korean players are challenging.
        • Denis "Vodka2Gud" Blah ,
          1 game? they won 2 whole series against them? please do research before stating wrong things. A CIS team won a ti? did you forget that? south african team won absolutely nothing. No one cares about your hard-on for EG, stop using them as an example. It's about time someone else dominated the scene, look at last year, Europe won 3 majors in a row completely dominated for over a year, so ofc China is gonna come back and be competitive, the next major will tell whos the best in the world, dont look at these small irrelevant tournaments. Why would i rate liquid and secret on any other basis? why is their previous rosters relevant? please get your logic reasoning checked, the only thing thats important is their current roster and VP just beat them...
    • Nahuel "Kainlust" Ratovicius ,
      They (I'm talking about SA teams here...) actually don't have the chance. But why deny them that chance? Some teams are practicing really hard. It COULD be a solution because you are giving the team to qualify the EXPERIENCE of a lan, maybe some money, and the motivation to train harder. Open qualifiers gave CDEC the chance to participate at ti5.
    • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
      NP and CoL does not beat Euro qualifier teams either... it was ridiculous enough that valve give NA two qualifier spots for Boston major. Pinoy teams were very underrated until their TI6 performance etc. CIS deserve a spot too, Navi VP Empire etc were pretty strong and consistent in the last couple of years.
  • Vladimir "vlid0" Krastev ,
    Well, looks like Valve is trying to expand the scene with adding a SA spot. I definitely think that dividing the CIS and Europe spots is a good decision, because there are plenty of good CIS teams that deserve a chance to get a spot at TI. Not so sure about the SA Dota scene, though. We don't know much about the popularity of Dota there and the teams that participate in the NA qualifiers for different tournaments now are not very impressive. Perhaps this will help with increasing Dota popularity and raising the level of Dota there, but until this happens, the fans will be watching punching bag teams in the main events.
  • Nghia "rocket510" Mai ,
    So there will be no more Winter Major?
  • Choco "chococake" Cake ,
    This is just going to water down the level of dota for the sake of diversity. None of these scenes, NA, SA, EU, or CIS, are all that strong on their own. Heck, the entire American scene is so weak that EU players are moving over just to use their qualifiers. There is always only 1 or 2 teams that stands out before the rest of the competition falls off a cliff in these regions. A better option would be to give each of theses regions their own OPEN qualifiers so they can at least compete at a higher level tournament before getting weeded out at the regional qualifiers.
  • confidential "asking" confidential ,
    All complain about south america is not strong etc , you have to remember that a person can improve if they gave a serious effort to it . Example SK Gaming of CS they were shit in the past , they even need to crowdfund to one of their lan in the past . But now they are considered one of the best in the world winning major , from nobody to something . With a guaranteed spot means guaranteed money even at 16th place and that money is a lot especially on south america . More people will play more seriously , more talent will come, overall good for competition in the future.


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