compLexity takes TI6 training to a new level

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Starting today IMG Academy’s Head of Leadership, Athletic and Personal Development, James Leath is joining the coL.Dota team at their training house in Florida.

Earlier this year compLexity Gaming became the first eSports organization to start a training program for their teams at the prestigious IMG Academy, with the first ever eSports players taking part at the IMGA training being coL’ Call of Duty squad. IMGA’s story started back in 1978 as a Tennis Academy and only ten years later, in 1987 was acquired by IMG and became a global training facility for athletes of all sports disciplines. Over the years Numerous NBA and NFL teams and individual athletes such as Maria Sharapova and the Olympic gold medalist in the 4x100m relay, Tianna Bartoletta have been taking part in IMG Academy’s training programs.

With a huge goal ahead of them, compLexity’s Dota squad welcomes to their training house James Leath, whose work alongside coach Alan 'Nahaz' Bester will be focused on "team dynamics, communication, and conflict resolution in a high stress environment.”

This weekend compLexity will travel to Seattle for The International 6 Wild Card qualifiers where they will fight three other teams for the last two spots available for the Main Event. The Wild Card qualifiers will be held on 2nd of August behind closed doors in a double elimination bracket with best of three matches.

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Should more eSports organizations and teams consider this kind of training?

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  • confidential "asking" confidential ,
    col greatest achievement were carried by og.fly LOL
  • Professor "changeling" Chaos ,
    Another step in beeing recognized as a legit (e)sports. I just hope all this attention and commitment doesnt put more pressure on their shoulders. They might go a little to far to fast and it might backfire ...
    • Muhammad "TheHague" Ammar ,
      Yeah, I'm worried about the same. They have only a week left with them till TI and they've probably started training in Seattle too. Such an option is very good, but provided it is long-term. After TI, Nahaz would also leave so coL should stick with him rather than keeping him a while before the major.
  • KoDruiD "KoDruiD" Zhang ,
    Well honestly, I don't think this will help too much to COL's results in TI6. In one of the weakest regions of dota2, they cannot even secure a direct ticket to TI. I don't expect them to be in the main event at all.
  • anonaman "apatdapat" pakemo ,
    What if they lose in the wild card?


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