Manila Major: The TI5 and Shanghai Major champions finish 16th

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

The TI 5 champions, EG, and Shanghai Major winners, Secret, have been eliminated from the Manila Major after losing their lower bracket best-of-one series against VG.Reborn and Empire respectively.


Evil Geniuses vs VG.Reborn

EG brutally wrecked VG.Reborn in the laning stage of this game, killing VG.R's middle Dragon Knight and offlane Slardar several times with the help of either their roaming Axe or Bane. Realizing that the early game situation could not go on, VG.R seized gank opportunities on Death Prophet after she was left alone during EG's tier one tower push attempts. This allowed VG.R to hold-out and secure farm on their cores.

Unveiling their newly farmed items effectively; winning team fights with Dragon Knight's reveal of his Shadow Blade and then Slardar's Blink's first use, VG.R was propelled back into the game. A series of good team fight trades and the near wipe of EG at the Rosh pit turned the tides in VG.R's favor. From there, the Chinese players were able to finish the game with solid Glimpse pick-offs and Slardar initiations coupled with their Life Stealer and Dragon Knight's damage; Lifestealer secured himself a rampage just before the GG call and ended the game with a 14/1/19 KDA.


Empire vs Secret

Coming into the game with a strong and unique draft against Secret's line-up, Empire was able to put together a strong early game. However, Empire was unable to carry the lead into the mid-game after being on the receiving end of a four man wipe at the 13 minute mark. When the result of the game became uncertain, a one man Ravage by Secret's Tide Hunter opened the door for Empire to counter-initiate and secure a four man wipe into a melee Barracks.

As the action progressed, Empire kept the game within their grasp, dodging Ravages and counter-initiating with their Sand King's Epicenter. Securing an Aegis, Empire's Lifestealer was able to walk up and knock on Secret's top tier three tower and Barracks - when he was initiated upon, Empire just simply counter-initiated and won the game.

Banner image from Secret's Facebook, headline image by PGL.


Did you predict Secret and EG to go further in the tournament?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Aoi "alkermes" Kasuga ,
    >alkermes at 30 May 2016 17:26 >Top3? they recently swept coL 4series in a row, must be Top1. >and you should know only col and dc in USA. who cares about No.3. Now, Results proved my theory.
  • Harp "Harpoon222" Geee ,
    oh god, there goes my team. this is catastrophic. grats to the winners.
  • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
    Sorry EG Deserved to lose.They will not achieve anything till they swap roles.Fear on carry and Aui pos 4.His really weak in carry.They have the right players but they are being retarded cause of pride.
    • "Booncz" ,
      +1 million (+I still don't understand why they brought him back after saying he is cancerous, I mean people change, this surely has affects on the team atmosphere)
    • luke "ukek" oktavian ,
      because apparently Fear's hand condition won't let him take carry pos. We all know that he might do better than aui in carry, plus that aui is a more superior support player, but yea it won't be happening.. 2 weak links in EG, bulba n aui carry (i never liked bulba tho, idk why)
  • albert "Tangren" budiaman ,
    kick bulba
  • Rexonial "Dancingwar" Bebb ,
    If only they didn't win TI5/Shanghai Major, they will surely be denied of TI6 Direct invite.. lol
  • "Booncz" ,
    They (Secret) are not Shanghai Major champions they changed two players I'm disappointed in Volvo changing their standard when giving out invites, now it's not who deserves it but who has more famous names on their roster...If they get invte to TI-6 after loosing 10 games in a row and ending last in 4 tournaments in a row, I'll cry a little bit
  • Milen "Thunderbane" Ivanov ,
    EG invitation for TI6 is the biggest joke for 2016.Total trash team,tier 3 at most. Swapping roles aint help them.They need to change most of the players,better disband. Same story for Secret.EG vs Secret=El Trashico


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