Fnatic roster changes: Mushi returns, Net leaves the organization

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After almost two months of absence, Fnatic’s captain Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung is ready to fully return, bringing roster changes for his team.​

Immediately after the Shanghai Major, Fnatic had to look for a stand in player to fill Djardel 'DJ' Mampusti’s spot during his short missing period while he sorted out his Visa. Erwann '343' Shah was brought in. He stuck with Fnatic for longer than was initially planned due to Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung suffering from severe asthma symptoms once he returned from Shanghai.

Multiple role swaps took place inside the team in order to accommodate all the players in their best roles. Wai Pern 'Net' Lim ended up in the carry role, from previously playing position five support. The team found success with the tinkered roster and managed to qualify for every single LAN tournament ahead of the Manila Major. This made the team management reward 343 with an official substitute role in the Spring Shuffle window.

Now, two days ahead of the Epicenter wild card competition where Fnatic will have to fight for one of the two qualifying spots for the LAN main event, it was officially announced that Mushi is ready to rejoin his team. With only five active roles available in Dota 2, Fnatic’s management was once again given a hard decision regarding who should step down.

343 really embraced the challenge and-over performed in almost every aspect. This was a great development for the team however there was an obvious problem being created by having 6 very talented played in a 5 man squad. With Mushi now ready to return to the team, we had to make an extremely difficult choice about who to have in our starting line up.

The decision was taken in favor of 343. 343 will now become a primary member, while Net would serve as a substitute. Net decided immediately after to leave the organization. He will not only miss the Manila Major, but if he wants to participate at The International 6, he will have to find a team willing to go with him via open qualifiers.

After analyzing the situation, we decided it would be best to put 343 in the starting team and Net in the substitute position. Net has been nothing but great to work with, dedicated and above all else a team player who deeply cares about the squad and the game. In an ideal world we would have kept him but this isn’t the world we live in.

Fnatic’s official announcement ends with kind and thankful words for Net and with a statement from the Dota 2 manager Eric 'Reinnnn' Khor:

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to announce the departure of Net from our team. Through his time in Fnatic, I have gotten to know him a lot better and also the dedication that he put into the game. Generally a quiet person, it was a refreshing change to see Net going from the introvert that he is into the guy who cracks the joke. It really felt like a family here but we knew the inevitable was coming and someone had to be subbed out [...] Here, I want to thank Net for all the joyous times and all his hard work. I wish him all the best for his future.

Fnatic’s current roster:

Malaysia Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung
Malaysia Yeik Zheng 'MidOne ' Nai
Malaysia Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo' Khoo
Philippines Djardel 'DJ' Mampusti
Malaysia Erwann '343' Shah

While Net’s decision puts him in a peculiar situation where he might miss the most important tournament of the year, Fnatic will not suffer any penalty as their active roster was modified within the members that signed up on the majors registration list during the Spring Shuffle time.

source: fnatic.co
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  • lloyd "elelowwaydi" aaron ,
    Even though fnatic is winning most of time I don't think they can't beat tier 1 teams in the major with net as their carry. Midone and DJ are really the mvps.
    • Bear "TheBearEmperor" God ,
      NEt plays a different style of carry which allows miduan and DJ to shine (like EG.Fear with Suma1L + Universe) , mushi plays 4 protect 1 which will surpress miduan and DJ's ability to perform because mushi will not share farm n resources with them and i honestly dont think he has the ability to play the NEt style carry. also, why am i not surprised not really something new for SEA dota follower, this is what mushi has been doing since the dota1 days , most of the time winteR is always the victim, poor guy kept getting kicked out of the successful team he built himself to make a spot for mushi, the team fails then mushi is always the first to leave, guy just throw out some nice sentences and words like "never give up n shit" then gets good attention and sympathy from public, then time passes winter rebuilds then mushit joins again, then he gets kicked out of his own team, rinse n repeat until today, it is still happening. Cant remember clearly but according to my memory; i believe some other malaysian players got it before too, but winter is always on the receiving end and i firmly believe he is the "ONE" holding the record of getting kicked by mushi, be it directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, this time the victim is NEt. And NEt 100% did not deserve this (and also other players that mushi kicked just to make spot for himself since dota1 days) #justMushithings and his godly ways of human manipulation that allow this to happen REPEATEDLY for over a decade and it is still working. Sometimes i really do wonder what brand of crack he is feeding to all his teammates all these years.
      • Andrew "Mac_" O ,
        Coincidence or just copying what I wrote? Either way I agree
      • cory "cp33" pilfold ,
        wtf are you talking about dude? Mushi is mushi. He's without a doubt a better player than net In any role. He's been on fnatic since the beginning, the only reason Net was carrying In the first place Is because he was sick. Fnatic got top 6 at the major with mushi as carry. So I don't know what the hell you guys are even talking about. Net was NOT carrying during shanghai. Net's original position was support, this argument really shouldn't be about Mushi versus Net's carry at all. It's a given that Mushi will continue carrying,. What you could argue is whether 343 is a superior support / position 5 compared to net because that's really what It comes down to. I don't even understand what you guys are trying to argue. This is the strongest lineup that Fnatic has ever had Imo. This is the same roster that allowed them to attain top 6 at Shanghai, except with 343 replacing Net..which IMO is an Improvement. 343 offers a lot to the team not only In his mechanical ability but also his strategic prowess.
        • elies "CrayCrayCray" dief ,
          mushi fan gay spotted.. lmao
          • cory "cp33" pilfold ,
            nah, I wouldn't really call myself a fan / biased towards any player or team. I'm not from SEA, I could care less about mushi or fnatic In general. The problem I have is people spouting off their retarded opinions that have no basis In logic or reason. Some of you ARE from SEA and someone from NA can see it more clearly than you, Sad really. Use your heads. If you actually think NET > Mushi you're ignoring the fact that fnatic played top 6 at shanghai with mushi as carry NOT Net. The only Lan Fnatic ever played with Net as carry was at ESL Manila, and you'd be silly to argue that they were playing the same level of dota they had during Shanghai.
        • ronald "adlanor" morata ,
          i think u r not a fan of fanatic or u r just completely noob...just tell me after manila major...this fanatic team wont reach top 8..thank me after manila major.. I wanted fanatic to be the top contender if not the champion this upcoming major..but bec of mushi coming back..that dream will just always be a dream.
          • cory "cp33" pilfold ,
            you have no Idea what you're talking about. Kindly stop talking. You couldn't be any more Ignorant If you tried. Use your brain for a second perhaps. Also, I don't give a shit about fnatic. I'm not a fan of any team. That said, I have the ability to be objective and I find it comical when people try and claim fnatic is doomed with mushi going back to carry..even though him carrying is what led them to a top 6 finish at the shanghai majors.
          • cory "cp33" pilfold ,
            The highest level of dota played by Fnatic was played WHEN mushi was carry. They reached top 6 at Shanghai with him as carry. WHY would mushi coming back to replace Net DOWNGRADE their potential? Mushi is A superior player to net In every facet. You don't have to be a fan of fnatic or even SEA dota to see something so obvious. Use your head. This is the truth. It's based In history, and results. Fnatic placed top 6 at the shanghai major WITH Mushi as carry. FNATIC made the decision for 343 to replace Net. MUSHI was always the original carry, NET Was only a replacement. Now the bottom line is, DO YOU REALLY THINK NET IS A BETTER CARRY THAN MUSHI?NO. The real question that you could debate, is whether 343 is a better replacement / support than Net. THAT is debatable. You actually questioning Mushi going back to carry which was his ORIGINAL POSITION IS pure stupidity. I am not the noob, you literally have no clue what you're talking about. Try actually acknowledging my points and responding to them.


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