Manila Major: The Invitations

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Valve reveals the twelve teams directly invited to The Manila Major and the Regional Qualifiers.

Valve has revealed twelve directly invited teams to The Manila Majors. Usually eight teams are invited but for the first time, twelve direct invites have been given out.

The teams that will participate in the Regional qualifiers have also been revealed:

Directly Invited Teams:

1. Europe Team Secret
2. Europe Team Liquid
3. United States Evil Geniuses
4. Korea MVP Phoenix
5. China Wings Gaming
6. China Vici Gaming Reborn
7. Malaysia Fnatic
8. Europe OG
9. United States Complexity
10. Sweden Alliance
11. Ukraine Natus Vincere
12. China LGD Gaming

Regional Qualifer Invites

Americas Qualifer:
1. United States Digital Chaos
2. United States Shazam
3. United States Team Freedom
4. United States Enemy
5. United States Animal Kingdom
6. Peru Infamous
7. Peru Not Today
8. United States Evernovas
9. TBD (Open Qualifier)
10. TBD (Open Qualifier)  

China Qualifers:
1. China EHOME
2. China Newbee
3. China CDEC.Y
4. China CDEC
5. China Invictus Gaming
6. China TongFu
7. China IG.Vitality
8. China FTD Club.B
9. TBD (Open Qualifier)
10. TBD (Open Qualifier)  

Europe Qualifiers:
1. Russia Team Empire
2. Russia Vega Squadron
3. Russia Virtus.Pro
4. Russia Team Spirit
5. Europe No Diggity
6. Russia Polarity
7. Belarus Power Rangers
8. Greece Ad Finem
9. TBD (Open Qualifier)
10. TBD (Open Qualifier)  

SEA Qualifiers:
1. Philippines Mineski
2. Philippines Rave
3. Malaysia Orange Taring
4. Malaysia WarriorsGaming.Unity
5. Philippines Acion Arena
6. Thailand Signature.Trust
7. Philippines Execration
8. Mongolia The Mongolz
9. TBD (Open Qualifier)
10. TBD (Open Qualifier) 

Similar to previous majors, the Manila Major features open qualifers for all regions, that will take place from April 29th to May 2nd.The winner of each region will advance into the regional qualifiers.

The Regional Qualifers will take place between May 3rd and 6th.

China open qualifiers registration form can be found here.
For Europe, Americas and South East Asia registration you can go here.

Source: themanilamajor.com


Are you pleased with twelve invites being given out ?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Doc "DocAwe" Awe ,
    A good move btw by valve to increase the direct invitation since nowadays there r a lot new teams risen. Taking a spot in qualifier is like a dog fight for a single bone. Europe n china qualifier definitely gonna be a bloodbath.
  • sax "saxnuoc1" nuoc ,
    I still don't know why LGD deserves a direct invite. They just are eliminated from all the tournaments ever since after Frankfurt Major
    • Rohan "Btch" Saxena ,
      Shanghai Major - LGD only team in WB, all others LB. Not to mention decent performances in the recently concluded lan.And seeing the invites the top 3 from SL invitational are there and so are the ones from ESL Manila.
    • Sohail "GT-R" Raisi ,
      i Dont know why they Invite OG any other team is more deserving than this shit team
      • Dark "darkmonster59" Monster ,
        They won the Frankfurt Major ? You think that if a team is performing really bad after they win such a prestigious tournament made by Valve, then they don't deserve an invite ? You are very delusional. It's like saying EG have been losing really badly in previous tournaments but they shouldn't be invited because they didn't win them. They're still the Power House of NA Dota, also they won the TI5, ignoring them is like they make fun of the entire company at Valve, since Valve is an American corporation.
    • Joseph "mirsyf" S ,
      Agreed. From my point of view, LGD and OG are the only two teams in the list which did not deserve this invite. LGD won nothing big after Shanghai Major or even TI5. They placed 2nd in WCA 2015 and besides that? I don't know. I think Valve gave too much credit and respect to xiao8's return. He's more like a symbolic mentor to Chinese scene just like puppey and ppd to EU and NA respectively. As for OG, does winning Frankfurt Major only necessarily mean they have to be invited to the other two majors in a row and perhaps even TI6? It makes little sense to me.
    • zack "zackmei" mei ,
      Don't know why Valve choose LGD over NEWBEE. NEWBEE is kind dominating in China lately. Hope Newbee can win the quals to prove themselfs this time. But don't get me wrong. LGD's high ground is probably still the toughest high ground for rest of the team. you can never know how far this team can go when they are playing in LAN competition. Ehome on the other hand. May fail to show their face on Manila Major. lots of problems needs to be fixed in their team.


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