Let the shuffle begin! Team Spirit lets go of AFTERLIFE and RAMZES

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

With the Shanghai Major transfer period quickly approaching, Team Spirit has let go Roman 'RAMZES666' Kushnarev and Vasily 'AFTERLIFE' Shishkin.

The move of releasing their offlane and carry player comes after the team's poor performance in the time leading up to the Shanghai Major and the Shanghai Major itself. The team finished 13th - 16th at the Shanghai Major and has failed to qualify for any LAN events after their 10th place finish at the Mars Dota2 League.

Team Spirit's current roster:
Ukraine Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko
Ukraine Andrey 'ALWAYSWANNAFLY' Bondarenko
Ukraine Bogdan 'Iceberg' Vasilenko

Although it is still early in the transfer period, the recently released Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich and Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov (according to V1at) are potential candidates to join Team Spirit; the two CIS players are well known for their carry and offlane skills and were released by Empire. Despite this scenario looking plausible, it must be kept in mind that this is purely speculation and that other CIS teams, such as Virtus.Pro, might undergo roster changes, adding to the list of CIS free agents for Team Spirit to choose from.

Source: Team Spirit's Twitter
Headline image from Team Spirit's Twitter


Do you think this roster change will benefit Team Spirit?

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  • Bence "MeltingSnow" Pesenyánszki ,
    Hm. Afterlife was a bit underwhelming, but I think Ramzes did well. Oh well, if Funn1k and XBOCT may join, this will be a powerhouse team. What roster changes in VP? They don't need a damn roster change, they were group D, they cannot be too sad with their result.
  • Sasha "paladinuig" Lebediev ,
    Hope English subs will be delivered soon for interview with Goblak, its was very informative about CIS data scene, and problems team facing in that scene.
  • Frederik "archyo" A ,
    I don't really get this, I don't think any of them played well. Ramzes probably did best but Goblak and Alwayswannafly was often just feeding
    • Dark "darkmonster59" Monster ,
      Same thought here, Goblak played the worst at this Major. Ramzes should feel relieved to be out of this team, he was the only one playing well all tournament.
  • daniel "xenobi" beales ,
    Xboct will come over to Team Spirit, Illidan will go over to Empire
  • EHSAN "InsighT.Is.My.Name" THE PROERINO ,
    russian dota WutFace
  • Vpgame Bet "vpgbb" Assistant ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • Denis "Vodka2Gud" Blah ,
    Eh I mean, Spirit was lucky to be at Shanghai in the first place... they just played well in the right matches against Vega and Empire.
  • Ивайло "wolf4o" Радков ,
    Ofcourse a change in roster will benefit team spirit, will it benefit them positively or negatively is another question Kappa.
  • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
    Badman 1 position confirmed 4Head


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