Noshang Invitational: a new $10,000 Dota 2 tournament

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

Starting tomorrow, February 10th, and set to end shortly after the Major, Nonshang Invitational will feature some of the European squads that missed the ticket to Shanghai.

Sixteen teams will battle in a double elimination bracket with best-of-three series and a best of five grand finals for a share at the $10,000 prize pool money. The tournament will kick off tomorrow with Burden United taking on Team Averia and it’s expected that all the games from the first round of the upper bracket to be played until the Shanghai Major.

Once the Major starts, Nonshang will pause for the entire main event period and will resume shortly after the second Dota 2 Major will have its winners decided.

Nonshang prize pool distribution:

1st place: $6,000
2nd place: $3,000
3rd place: $1000

Nonshang Invitational will be streamed by Game Show on the Azubu platform in both English and Russian languages.

English stream
Russian stream

Andreea “divushka” Esanu

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  • Deddy "dota046" Khairul ,
    Haha... good guy tournament so flexible..
  • Slurp "slurp778" slurp ,
    Na'Vi and Empire are the best NoShang-ers.. I hope they can meet in final
  • Momo "SamsoN96" Jeremic ,
    Many new tournaments this year. dota is getting bigger and bigger...
  • Joseph "mirsyf" S ,
    No fucks given for the tier5 level tournaments Kappa


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