2GD to host the Shanghai Major

Dota 2 Andreea “divushka” Esanu

James Harding is back after more than a year since he last time hosted a Valve event, namely The International 4.

The full list of the Shanghai Major talent desk is still to be made public by Perfect World but a few more personalities have announced their participation at the event.

The most surprising announcement was made by James '2GD' Harding who will make a return in the hosting seat after a long absence.

After The International 4 James has decided to step down for a while and focus on GD studio. He didn’t attend any events during 2015 as host and as a matter of fact in April last year the GD team was happily announcing the new studio:

We’re finishing off the studio by Friday this week. We’ve built it so f**king lazy proof that we might actually become a studio again that does regular shows. It cost a good 6-7k euro to get everything running again. So all who kept the subscriptions running thanks a bunch! Your money has been well spent!

At TI5 James '2GD' Harding implemented a new concept of onsite event coverage with Twitch Chat Reporter, a series of 15 seconds clips published via Instagram and then spread in the twitch chat.

After 2GD made public his presence at the Shanghai Major a few more personalities broke the silence. The two joinDota central figures, Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson and Austin 'Capitalist' Walsh will also head to China in March along with David 'GoDz' Parker and William 'Blitz' Lee.

From the analysts only Ben 'Merlini' Wu confirmed his attendance to the event.

Although a mini drama was rising on twitter last night regarding the absence of any English observer at the event, Weppas, skrff and Kpoptosis have announced that they will in fact be heading to Shanghai for observing duties.

Andreea “divushka” Esanu
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  • Mark "fedayeen13" Arcangel ,
  • aldhen "aldhz_pink" dignaran ,
    we need icefrog bruno
  • Maru "BlitzKaiser" Unson ,
    well that's a bit of good news, i thought we gonna have a Major on a total blackout but then again the whole thing would be running on the perfect world servers so i guess we gonna have some sour experiences on this event
  • Momo "SamsoN96" Jeremic ,
  • Prima "Mary.Elizabeth" Mawitjere ,
    plz dont bring in Lumi, he really hates chinese dota..
  • Mario "stn" Kapular ,
    fast news,gg.net back? :)
  • lubos "lubacos" kovacik ,
    BEST NEWS EVER !!!!!!!!! I mean , redeye is amazing and shit, BUT JAMES IS OURS ! 50 % more hype added :)
  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    See? They do keep an eye on the English scene. I mean, this is a Chinese LAN. English will be the 2nd language, while they still invited most good casters and panelist. You just cant expect a full house like TI for a Chinese major. Just like you can't expect a full house Chinese caster/panelist for TI.
  • Conah "SKLuMP" Taylor ,
    All we need is Bruno as a replacement for Nahaz and this might be the most enjoyable tournie for a long time.
  • Stathis "Acential" Dk ,
    Please no tobi for the love of god ... OD pixel for good casts ,Bloody wanker will ruin shit with his redbull addiction


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