A spark lights a fire: Ax.Mo kicked from Na'Vi, drama ensues

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After their elimination from Starladder|i-League, it has been announced that Dmitry 'Ax.Mo' Morozov has been dropped from the Na'Vi roster.

Despite Na'Vi's efforts to turn around their continuous string of bad results, the team was still unable to hold against the other top European teams. The team concluded that "the players failed to adapt to each other’s style of execution and find common ground on some issues, including the drafting stage and team strategy", this led to Dmitry 'Ax.Mo' Morozov's removal. Considering the upcoming tournaments Na'Vi are participating in, the organization has said that their replacement off-laner will "be revealed very soon".

Statement regarding Ax.Mo's removal by Na'Vi's manager, Eugene 'ugin' Erofeev:

We are extremely thankful to Dima for being with us all this time. We are sure that he is a good player with a great future ahead, but, unfortunately, the guys have been unable to agree on certain points at this stage and decided that playing together wasn’t the best choice to make. We wish Dmitry the best of luck in his future gaming career.


The drama that ensues...

This removal comes after a controversial forum post on ProDota.ru by Ax.Mo complaining about the poor drafting decisions made by Na'Vi's captain Ivan 'Artstyle' Antonov in their game against LGD at the recent Starladder|i-League finals; more specifically, the Anti-Mage into LGD's Disruptor in their round robin match.

It is not known whether the decision to remove Ax.Mo was partly due to the forum post, but the post and the roster change has caused quite a bit of drama in the Russian Dota community. There has been accusations of Akbar 'SoNNeikO' Butaev and Dmitrii 'Ditya-Ra' Minenkov being difficult to play with made by former Power Rangers player Kirill 'Sunlight' Kachinskiy and backed by Ax.Mo; SoNNeikO's accusation of being hard to play with was also backed by Ilya 'ALOHADANCE' Korobkin.

Meanwhile, Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko and Vitalii 'V1at' Volochai have spoken up about the issue but - to the current knowledge of Gosugamers - have yet to reveal or claim anything major. V1at claims that Na'Vi kicking Ax.Mo was the right decision after his ProDota.ru Starladder|i-League post, and Goblak wrote that there is bad news for Na'Vi fans.

Regarding this issue, Ax.Mo promised to give his side of the story on a stream soon.

Source: Na'Vi, Twitters of: V1at, Sunlight, ALOHADANCE, Goblak
Headline and banner image from Na'Vi's Facebook


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  • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
    Before I start, lemme tell you that I'm 1rd. BTW, goodluck to these guys, I hope Na'Vi could find what they're really looking for.
    • no "Calcite-AW" no ,
      "incoming angry american dude that posts "1ST U ****" xD
  • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
    And BTW, I'm pretty sure this GosuPoll is already fixed with Gosucrew fangays fixing the percentage to impose their ideals on what they really think. This was like posted like seconds ago but my vote didn't change the percentage. Checkmate ? EleGiggle
    • Vanja "HighArT" ,
      This was posted 20 minutes before you commented! And there were already over 100 poll votes, so % didnt changed for 1 extra vote! ;)
  • Lim "Raina" Raina ,
    I don't know for sure, Na'vi achieved really a lot over the year, even last year i think they've won at least like 2 titles somewhere? A few players have left the team and achieved greater stability and results, I am not 100% sure but it really seem like na'vi is a heavy tag to carry. The turn table, exciting team fight with the winning is hard, maybe they should re-develop their approach/style before proceeding? Again, i'm not 100% sure.
    • Tanawat "fides5566" Phadungkiatsakun ,
      in 2015, they didn't win any tournament at all but should earned money plenty enough to run for awhile. For their problem, it's the same as any failed team. A really good captain and humble players that are willing to follow that captain and don't keep questioning him every time they lose. Look at FNG and VP, that's the prime example of how a good captain with a good team member can archive even though their roster aren't top notch.
      • Bear "TheBearEmperor" God ,
        well said dude, na'vi players have too much ego thinking they are the best n capable of defeating every team out there, when one of the world's best captain puppey left, they got served by the hard cold truth that they are just not good enough without a capable captain leading them to victory, and when a capable leader like fng was trying to lead the team, their ego got into the way, choosing to question every single decision instead of trusting the leader and follow calls. Really glad that fng n VP is doing better than Na'Vi so far, like a slap in the face for them but it seems na'vi still wouldnt wake up. very disappointing TBH , Alliance is back but navi isnt
  • "Booncz" ,
    time for Light
  • "HikekamorniyNeit" ,
    not dota.ru, but prodota.ru
  • kabu "JOK" smaug ,
    this guy failed so much navi can go forth now


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