Starladder | i-League

  • Prize pool $300
  • Start date Oct 21, 2015
  • End date Jan 18, 2016


Starladder | i-League

Oct 24, 2015
Playoffs - Offline Finals - Play-off
Group A - Offline Finals - Groupstage
Group B - Offline Finals - Groupstage
Europe - Last Chance - Europe / China
China - Last Chance - Europe / China
Group A - Groupstage 2 - Europe
Group B - Groupstage 2 - Europe
China - Regional Play-off
American - Regional Play-off
SEA - Regional Play-off
Relegation - Relegation - Europe
Group A - Groupstage - AM
Group B - Groupstage - AM
Group A - Groupstage 1 - Europe
Group B - Groupstage 1 - Europe
Group C - Groupstage 1 - Europe
Group D - Groupstage 1 - Europe
Group A - Groupstage - China
Group B - Groupstage - China
Group C - Groupstage - China
Group D - Groupstage - China
Group A - Groupstage - SEA
Group B - Groupstage - SEA

News & Features

The 6.86 meta displayed at Starladder|i-League

The 6.86 meta displayed at Starladder|i-League

A month has passed since the release of patch 6.86 and some teams have already decided on their style of play, while some are still experimenting. Starladder|i-League featured the finest teams of the moment and looking at their entire journey in Minsk, Belarus it is already possible to talk about how professionals are planning to play in this patch.

Dota 2 3oltan
Alliance conquer Starladder|i-League XIII

Alliance conquer Starladder|i-League XIII

A few days ago Starladder almost replaced their future champions, but Alliance were determined to make it to Minsk and fight their way back to the top of the DotA 2 scene. And they've done it in the most convincing manner possible.

Dota 2 divushka
Starladder|i-League day one wrap up

Starladder|i-League day one wrap up

It’s been a long run with eighteen best-of-one games played in the first day of Starladder|i-League in Minsk, Belarus and because six teams will leave the competition at the end of the group stage it was crucial for everyone to have a good start.

Dota 2 divushka
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