LGD and Alliance to face-off in the finals of WCA 2015

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LGD triumphed over Liquid in their best-of-three against them in the second round of the WCA 2015 playoffs. 

LGD had a strong showing in their match against Liquid, dominating Liquid 2-0 in their best-of-three against them.

Game one:

Liquid very quickly lost control of this game as they gave up kills across all three of LGD's core; LGD managed to have a kill a minute at the ten minute mark. This gave LGD's Lina and Juggernaut the levels they needed to secure even more kills, following this. LGD managed to take Rosh and wipe Liquid with minimal deaths. LGD managed to elongate the lead and finally took the game.

Game two:

Game two was fairly even with LGD having a slight gold lead in the pre-20 minute mark; LGD were leading in kills while Liquid were leading in farm. However, when LGD's Weaver got his Linkens and Dark Seer his Gardian Greeves, LGD managed to take map control, finding pick-offs as well as farming both the radiant and Dire jungle - this allowed LGD to eventually build a 40k+ gold lead that won them the game.

The semifinals and grand finals are scheduled for the tomorrow, December 20th, both with best-of-five games.

04.00 CET Team Liquid vs Wings Gaming - Semifinal
08:30 CET Alliance vs LGD Gaming


Who will take the finals, Alliance or LGD

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