Synderen is back to competitive Dota

Dota 2 Viktor “vviki” Ahilov

syndereN forms a new team called "Steak Gaming" to comeback into the competitive scene.

Troels "syndereN" Nielsen is nowadays mostly known as a caster, as he was featured in both the TI5 Grand Finals and the Frankfurt Major Grand Finals. On the player side of Pro Dota syndereN was last seen in team Mousesports in 2013, when he announced his retirement and became a full time caster.

Today he announced on Twitter that he would be forming a new team called "STEAK GAMING" together with two former NIP.Dota 2 members Adrian "Era" Kryeziu as the carry and Elias "Sealkid" Merta as support, Ioannis "Fogged" Loucas, a former HCWP member as a second support and a former well known HoN player Trent "sLiCKz" Tucker as the team's mid laner. syndereN himself will be playing offlane, which will come as no surprise to his followers as he recently has been streaming "offlane only".

The squad looks promising with three out of five players being at TI at one time or another. We wish them all the best and anticipate their debut.


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  • Ste "holypepsi" A ,
    Synderen, a good dota2 captain and drafter, two times TI qualifier winner, dreamhack champion by beating Navi - was an opportunist. He complained about poor income of Pro dota2 players post TI2 area more than anyone else, and is unable dedicate himself into the game, instead of improving himself, he choose to be "smart", but unable to make a comeback. But look, only dedicated hard working players get what they deserve. This is a big decision for him, as a big fan of his casting and his game insight, I wish him the best. Hopefully he can truly strive to win and dedicate in improving himself instead of wanting for quick result. This team has a decent pool of talents, with right leadership and hardworking they can find a place in big tournament like major or TI.
  • Ивайло "wolf4o" Радков ,
    His casting is decent, his play is somewhat decent guess it's being impacted by him leading, but he never gets good teammates so i dont see much success again. Good luck anyway i support him.
    • Dark "darkmonster59" Monster ,
      What do you mean by not good teammates? Fogged and Era are very talented players, somewhat throwhy in their own way but they know the game very well and have a lot of experience. Heck Fogged is a veteran of Dota, so he has a lot of experience in every role especially support. Also Era, we know Era can carry when he has good games, when he gets the farm when the meta fits him. Remember the Sniper, Troll , Jugg meta.. he was owning so fucking much with those heroes in NIP.
    • Sir "melvinwaaa" Friendzone ,
      I have to agree with him not having good teammates. Aside from synd & sealkid, the rest of this squad is meh IMO. Era is an overrated carry player. Fogged is decent, easily replaceable. I don't even know who slickz is. But I remember synd leading Wild Honey Badgers to a win in DH11 & then mTw to a bunch of championships including a TI2 qualifier. He's an outstanding overall player. His insight to the game is amazing. Time will tell how much of a win or fail this team is gonna be.
      • Maru "BlitzKaiser" Unson ,
        "mehhhhhh" judging a team without knowing how well they could play in a competitive arena is pointless; Yes we can asses their past performances on various teams but we do not know how well they can play with each other yet, that's why we have the OG and the Team Secret to prove that ,and who know's maybe Steak Gaming is a well put team
        • Sir "melvinwaaa" Friendzone ,
          That's why I assessed them individually as far as my limited knowledge on them. And hence the term "Time will tell.."
      • "DELETED-USER-1538164947" ,
        Slickz used to be the carry of the most dominant stayGreen.HoN (similar to current coL.dota2) roster that won 52 consecutive tournament games and dominated all LANs and stuff. He's australian, he was most known for playing with like 250 ping yet still dominating... When he left the team though and started being mid, his "shininess" went down... And he was playing australian dota for like 2 years now, he finally got on a solid team, let's see how this ends!
  • Maru "BlitzKaiser" Unson ,
    lol Steak gaming, that was so fucking random
  • Bear "TheBearEmperor" God ,
    slickz is TUCKER ?


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