OG wins the Frankfurt Major!

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While many were expecting the Grand Final to be fought between Evil Geniuses and Team Secret, OG showed that they were stronger than both of them, winning the Frankfurt Major. Congratulations to OG!

Game One

Right from the drafting phase, OG looked to be up in Team Secret’s face. With Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein fishing for kills with the Phantom Lancer, with David 'Moon' Tan looking for a fight with Tusk by his side, Team Secret’s more greedy draft, particularly in their supports, looked like they may struggle to handle early pressure.

This proved to be the case in the early game. With 5 kills being picked up before any runes were, OG cranked the tempo of the game up to eleven. They were more than aware of Johan ‘pieliedie’ Astrom’s intent to pull the midlane, and successfully contested this early. This led Aliwi ‘w33haaa’ Omar to have a more even match-up against Amer 'Miracle-' Barqawi than he was expecting. pieliedie not only failed to pull the lane successfully, he fed a number of early kills to Andreas 'Cr1t' Nielsen and Miracle-.

While the midlane and jungle were chaotic, Jacky ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao took the time to farm uncontested. This allowed Team Secret to keep up with OG on both experience and farm up until the 6-minute mark. From this point, Miracle- believed that he had obtained the levels and farm he needed to successfully move around the map. He began to rotate into other lanes, picking up kills with almost every rotation. This allowed OG to pull ahead on both experience and farm, with only EternalEnvy managing to keep up with OG’s heroes.

OG did not sit back on their laurels, and continued to press the advantage that they built. With an early Mekanism and Blink Dagger on Moon’s Tusk, OG grouped up as 4 (with N0tail farming in another lane) or as 5, destroying Team Secret’s towers one by one.

Staring down the barrel with OG pushing in their tier 3 and barracks in bottom lane, Team Secret elected to try and split-push with EternalEnvy, attempting to destroy OG’s top-lane barracks faster than the entirety of OG could break Team Secret’s buildings. This proved to be an overly bold hope – OG were able to destroy Team Secret’s entire bottom lane of barracks and rotate back before EternalEnvy could even take down OG’s tier 3 tower.

With this play failing, Team Secret’s buildings crumbled rapidly. OG left Team Secret’s base bare within minutes, taking game 1 within 33 minutes.

Game Two

With game one behind them, both teams adapted their drafts. OG managed to pick up the Alchemist for Miracle-. Team Secret responded with a hero not common in 6.85 – Slark. Team Secret chose to run the Slark in an aggressive lane, contesting the safe lane from OG. The aggression shown in the first game continued into the second, with a kill per minute occurring before the 13-minute mark.

Going into the mid-game, EternalEnvy managed to pick up an early Shadow Blade, even choosing to hide it on the courier. He used this surprise factor to turn a fight in the top lane at 15 minutes. OG decided to go onto Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov’s Bane with Clockwerk and Gyrocopter. EternalEnvy chose to snake into the fight invisible, leaping onto Cr1t when the time was right. w33haaa followed up with a 3-man Sonic Wave, ending with 3 of OG’s players going down in trade for Puppey’s Bane.

Following this fight, there was a period of relative calm. OG took Roshan with the minus armour from Alchemist and a Medallion of Courage from Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik’s Dazzle, and both teams were unable to find big engagements. This allowed Miracle-‘s Alchemist to pull slightly ahead in net worth through his Greevil’s Greed.

After this period of calm, OG managed to initiate a fight near Secret’s bottom tier 2 tower. With a great Winter’s Curse onto w33haa, OG took the fight handily and pushed in the tier 3 tower. However, w33haa’s early death in the previous fight meant that he had held onto his Sonic Wave for when he respawned. Knowing that they had this extra burst of damage, Secret turned back onto OG, killing off the majority of their heroes and defending the barracks. From there, they rushed straight into the Roshan pit, taking the Aegis with ease whilst OG were still respawning.

The next few minutes were filled with fights. A good fight for OG in their jungle. A victory for Secret in the middle lane. A smoke from OG missing a gank onto EternalEnvy turning into a counter-smoke from Secret leading to them killing 4 of OG’s heroes. OG take a crucial fight, killing off EternalEnvy early, allowing them to destroy Secret’s bottom barracks that had been exposed earlier. EternalEnvy wreaked havoc for OG, but with the two lanes of barracks down, OG knew that if they ever managed to take out Secret’s cores, they would be able to take the game.

This time came in a fight just above the Dire ancients. EternalEnvy ran under the entire OG team, backed up by w33haaa, and they all died. With EternalEnvy lacking buyback, OG simply push through the bottom lane and end the game. It was a rapid, clinical end to an incredibly back-and-forth game. OG went into game 3 with a 2-0 lead.

Cr1t looking calm and collected.

Game Three

With Secret’s back up against the wall, OG chose to play an unconventional carry in the Sven for N0tail. In response, Team Secret responded with an unconventional carry of their own – Wraith King. OG also managed to secure Miracle- the Shadow Fiend, a hero that had been banned out in the previous two games. Puppey also managed to deny Fly the Dazzle that he had utilised to great effectiveness in the series, up until that point.

In the early game, Secret’s strong early dual offlane in the Wraith King and Ancient Apparition for pieliedie managed to claim first blood onto Moon. OG elected to rotate a great deal in the early game, trying to gank every lane before 10 minutes. Despite the sheer number of attempts, Secret were careful to avoid the engagements. This meant that OG wasted a lot of time, giving Secret space to find levels and farm on all of their heroes.

With this experience and gold lead and the innate skills of Slardar and Wraith King, Secret were able to take Roshan just before the 17-minute mark. OG tried to get into the pit to contest, but were too late. Secret tanked through the initial burst from Tusk’s Ice Shards and Shadow Fiend’s Requiem of Souls and then cleaned up OG’s heroes.

OG’s aggression looked to be stalled for the first time in the series. Secret were the team to push early objectives. At 24 minutes, Secret walked up onto the high ground in top lane for the first time. In the few fights that happened in the mid-game, OG did very well to kite EternalEnvy’s Wraith King, not allowing to hit many of OG’s heroes. However, with their Dire advantage, Secret were able to take Roshan without needing anything more than the respawn timer and a pickoff.

Secret returned to OG’s top lane at 32 minutes, with EternalEnvy simply camping the high ground whilst his team-mates waited behind him to counter-initiate. OG did not simply want to let Secret claim their objectives, blowing the majority of their cooldowns onto EternalEnvy. However, the Wraith King was slightly short on mana for his reincarnation, causing what would have been an easy lane of barracks into a close, back-and-forth fight.

The fight may have looked close, but Secret remained significantly ahead of OG. With one more lost fight, OG capitulated to Secret. Secret finally managed to claim that top barracks that they had been hunting for the majority of the game. With the barracks going down, OG GG’ed out, and Secret claimed their first game of the series.

Game Four

In the fourth game, Secret decided once again to deny OG the Dazzle, picking it up for themselves. However, this meant that they did give up Doom and Shadow Fiend to OG. OG’s last pick Brewmaster rounded out their draft nicely. Secret decided to counter alcoholism with greed by picking the Alchemist for w33haaa.

While Secret managed to get both Bounty runes, Rasmus 'MiSery-' Filipsen paid for this with his life. OG managed to take several early skirmishes, picking off the cores of Team Secret. This allowed Miracle-‘s Shadow Fiend to remain ahead of w33haaa’s Alchemist in farm. Miracle- picked up an early Mekanism and pushed down Team Secret’s tier 1 towers in bottom and midlane before 11 minutes into the game. With their greedy picks in Juggernaut and Alchemist, Team Secret were forced to concede tier 2 towers to OG. At 16 minutes, OG felt that they could apply sufficient pressure onto Team Secret’s base in the bottom lane.

While OG looked to push the barracks, EternalEnvy faked out a teleport scroll, having faith in his team to be able told whilst he split-pushed in the top lane. EternalEnvy pushed down the tier 2, but OG managed to claim the melee barracks of Team Secret. Soon after this, OG went overly aggressive onto EternalEnvy, going in one by one and dying as a result. This allowed Juggernaut to pick up his Battlefury , heightening the splitpush capabilities of Team Secret.

The game began to look as if it would either end soon, with OG managing to bruise Secret’s base sufficiently, or after 40 minutes, with Secret doing what they planned to. OG were aware of this, itemizing to push down bases. They took a free lane of barracks, which would help quell the split-push from Secret.

OG then returned to the base of Team Secret, looking to claim Secret’s middle barracks. In the extended fight that ensued, OG managed to outlast Secret, causing w33haaa to die-back on his Alchemist. Things looked grim for Secret.

That's a lot of buffs! From imgur

With Lich armour and Doom picking up an Ice Armor creep, OG simply had too much tankiness. With one last hoorah in their jungle, they tried to pick off the Doom, but were unable to. OG did what they had done for the rest of the game – outlast and clean up. OG moved into the base, and Secret called the game. OG became the champions of the first ever Dota 2 Major, winning the series 3-1.

Who knows what it really stands for?

There were many teams worthy of taking the title. Team Secret may have come through the upper bracket, but OG had to fight for their lives in every game. They battled through the lower bracket the entire duration of the tournament. They beat VP. They beat CDEC. They beat EG. Finally, they beat Secret. They are the champions of the Frankfurt Major. Congratulations to OG!

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