Details of the Winter Major released

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The website used for the Majors registrations have been updated with new information regarding the Winter Majors.

On the 6th of November, the official Dota2 twitter account twitted that the Majors registration site has been updated with information for the Winter season. The new information on the site details the dates for the transfer period after the Fall Majors and the Winter Majors, it also contained some new policy updates.

The registrations and transfer period will open on the 22nd of November (one day after the conclusion of the Fall Majors) and will close about two weeks later, on the 8th of December; the teams will be locked "until the first week of March, right after the Winter Major concludes." On the 22nd of November, all players will be viewed as free agents by the system, meaning that players who are not changing teams will need to re-register under their team.

The policy updates concerns substitute players and open qualifier teams. Teams going through the open qualifiers are now able to register up to two substitute players but may not use them for the open and regional qualifiers - the subs can only be used for the main event.

Source: dota2.com
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Do you think a transfer period of two weeks is sufficient?

Thank you for voting!
Thank you for voting!
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  • Tushar "neo_madmaxx" Tyagi ,
    1st again... Yeah one more major... More the merrier !!
  • Sir "melvinwaaa" Friendzone ,
    ^The comment section are sometimes dumb lmao. Anyhow, 2 weeks is okay but I think a month would be more reasonable.
    • Andhika "skyke" Widiawan ,
      Even if Valve give them 1 year, the players would still able to mess it up, it doesn't matter. Example: Empire. I don't think 1 month is necessary, since the teams that would shuffle are most likely the ones that didn't go to Fall Major.
  • Aidan "LawlietAidan" Chai ,
    TBH, having 4 Majors will only exhaust the players. Some people might not acknowledge that eSport is one kind of sport, but it's definitely time-consuming activities, just like any other kinds of sports that required training and training. I hope that Valve might reconsider this decision. Not only that, Majors are slowly wiping out the smaller event, who else is going to sponsor the events when there's a Major coming.
    • Tony "Inverter" Cao ,
      As a viewer, Having 4 majors is much easier to follow. Top tier teams can organize their focus on the majors and ignore the rest. This also provides lower tier teams a chance to shine through the smaller events, rather than being dominated.
    • Naharai "DarkSaga89" Silva ,
      That's why EG decline almost all the others LANs (except for Summit & MLG).
    • Jason "niceone128" Diaz ,
      Third party organizers are useful before Major or Teams not announced yet in Upcoming Majors!! Look at Vega they receive invite in Major after winning ESL One New York even they not participate in The International 2015 Main Event.. After Frankfurt Major I guess winning teams or good performance team in Third-Party Organizers like The Summit 4 , Starladder and Etc. will receive invite in Winter Major.. In smaller tournaments like if they doing great in minor tournaments.. they still receive Regional Invite it better than participate in Open Qualifiers.. I guess Non-Major Tournaments is still useful big or not events.. Only my opinion
  • yao "wahahahaha" yao ,
    the question is always so stupid
  • Nathan Brenn Jr. "nathanjr12" Plazos ,
    I guess dota 2 is over saturated with tournaments. Every big tournament that is announced isn't as exciting anymore. I really think it's not good for the community.


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