The Summit 4: Mineski book ticket to LA

Dota 2 Pranjal “pranjal26” Drall

Mineski beat Fnatic 3-2 to qualify for the Summit 4 LAN which is to be held later this year. 

The main South East Asian qualifiers for the Summit 4 are over and Mineski managed to edge out Fnatic in a close BO5 series, three games to two. The two SEA teams played in the Winner's Bracket final where Fnatic managed to beat them 2-0 but Mineski came back from the lower bracket and won the game that counted the most. 

This is the second time that these two teams have met in the SEA Qualifier finals for a major LAN, the previous one being for the Frankfurt Major. Mineski have beaten Fnatic both times and secured a spot for themselves. Fnatic's (ex-Team MY) reign over the SEA region has ended and it'll be interesting to see how this rivalry evolves. 

The European, Chinese and American qualifiers for the Summit are still going, each of those regions have two spots. The final spot will be filled by a redemption vote. The LAN starts on 9th December and will go on till 13th of December. 

Pranjal “pranjal26” Drall
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  • Ilja "Pu3Ho" Brr ,
    EZ last place on Lan for trash sean pinoyyz <3 Can only win with huskar agains CDEC who is playing with disrespect against them.
    • Juffy "sasukemusika" Vega ,
      that comment from Russia with love.
    • Number 1 "clariska" of Number 99 ,
      Guess your ass are jealous because of all the shyt coming out of your mouth -_-
      • Ilja "Pu3Ho" Brr ,
        Why would it be? Even retarded russian teams have invites to the major and those shitneski qualified only cuz FD is dodging every single LAN - they are throwing the games right before Winner/finals grandfinals and you wills ee that if you check their past 1 year long history - they dodge LANS every single fucking time - and tbh i wonder why... I guess 322 is giving moar profit in the end then playing seriously.
  • Andrew "w8me" Faith ,
    Censored by GosuCrew
  • Ивайло "wolf4o" Радков ,
    rip fnatic fanboyz
  • ref "paradigm12" wide ,
    ok beating fnatic twice in a b03 match is confusing. specially with black and mushi and dj on fnatic. it seems like mineski is learning they are not just owning on laning now they are studying late game initiation. because before they just win on laning against tier 1 team like dendi etc. now they are actually winning late game. the combination of their individual skills and late game study is paying off.
  • Rhian "RhianRamos" Ramos ,
    mineski top 4 franfurt major. mark my work


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