London Conspiracy re-enter by signing Princess Jellopy roster including the BabyKnight

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Since the conclusion of The International 5, there has been a constant swirl of player movement. Teams that stayed together to try their hand at The International have disbanded, and new powerhouses have formed. Many of these teams are still looking for long-term sponsors to fund them. One team that is no longer looking for a sponsor is the fresh-faced Swedish team Princess Jellopy, who have been signed by London Conspiracy.

London Conspiracy first entered the world of Dota in March of 2014. They made several strong showings in the European scene in the lead-up to The International. However, the team failed to qualify for The International 5, and disbanded in disappointment.

Today begins a new chapter for the London Conspiracy brand, with the signing of the Princess Jellopy roster. Despite only playing their first official game together on the 12th of October, they have impressed in the Game Show GEC EU qualifiers. 

I’m extremely excited that we’ve picked up this team to represent London Conspiracy. I’ve been watching them closely since mid-August and during this short period they have developed far better than I initially expected. They are a perfect fit for us and I am confident they will keep developing and grow into a better team under the LC banner. - Linus 'LoFA' Holmberg, Team Manager

One thing that Princess Jellopy (now London Conspiracy) will continue to do will be to play high-quality Dota. Their line-up is filled with talent, most notably Jon ‘BabyKnight’ Andersen. BabyKnight is a well-known name from DotA 1, who retired from competitive Dota to play StarCraft 2 for Na'Vi. Not even a successful career in StarCraft 2 could sate the BabyKnight's love for Dota, and he returned to Dota in 2014, signing briefly for MeetYourMakers. He had also shown his skills on Lianghao and Flipsid3 Tactics before joining up with the rest of Princess Jellopy (now London Conspiracy), where he has gelled well with the rest of the team. With the BabyKnight's years of experience on the roster, London Conspiracy are set to make waves on the European Dota scene.

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The London Conspiracy roster is as follows:

Sweden Richard 'Jellopy' Hill
Denmark Sebastian 'solen' Kjär
Denmark Malthe 'Biver' Winther
Sweden Linus 'Kefka' Bleckert
Denmark Jon 'BabyKnight' Andersen
Sweden Linus 'LoFA' Holmberg, Manager

We are happy to start our journey together with London Conspiracy. We are a new team, but we’re dedicated and putting in the time and effort necessary to prove ourselves. We are lucky to have the support of London Conspiracy, who are helping us to become a team to look out for in major tournaments. - Sebastian 'solen' Kjär

The signing of the Princess Jellopy roster show’s London Conspiracy’s continuing commitment to promoting new talent in the Dota scene. The Dota world is expanding rapidly, with new talent battling up against established powerhouses. London Conspiracy is seeking to establish itself in the melting pot of the post-International metagame. The coming weeks will establish whether they are able to do so. Be sure to watch for BabyKnight and rest of London Conspiracy in the future.

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  • majid "bonGer" tajeddini ,
    Well i like the kid he was good at dota im sure he'll do good! also he's getting close to 8k!so why not? :D
  • Sebastian "Heflamoke" Läger ,
    After the greek squad being so successful I hope this one will be also a crazy newcomer. Good Luck LC!
    • Jacob "Gluzzbung" Henton ,
      Exactly my thoughts :) looking forward to seeing more of Babyknight and LC!
  • andrew "endik_1uv" ,
  • kabu "JOK" smaug ,
    this team is shit except bbk
  • vadim "nyafe" kadyrov ,
    again and again, 13abyKnight in ggnet news, but i dont see him in pro scene
  • Chris "RoadToDawn" Avant ,
    Why would they sign an unproven team with no results?
  • Maksim "Flex-" F ,
    Man babyknight isnt going anywhere, didnt do much in dota1, didnt do much in SC2, just let it go bro )
  • Juan "xz1" Rodriguez ,
    garbage team no future for them, disband in few months, anyone wanna bet ? :D


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