The Summit 4 regional qualifiers ft. Secret and VG

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BeyondTheSummit has released information regarding the teams invited to participate in the regional qualifiers for The Summit 4. The qualifiers will start on the 1st of October.

The European qualifiers will be the first of four regional qualifiers to take place, starting on the 1st of October. As for the other three qualifiers, they will be taking place in a undisclosed sequence between the 1st of October and the 5th of November.

The format that will be utilized by the regional qualifiers will be a best-of-three double elimination bracket with a best-of-five grand finals. The first place team from the SEA and Americas qualifier and the top two teams from the Chinese and European qualifiers will receive an invite to The Summit 4's LAN event scheduled to be held in December. The invite teams can be found in the image below.

The LAN event for The Summit 4 will feature a total of eight teams, six will be from the various regional qualifiers, one will be voted in by The Summit 4 compendium owners through a redemption vote and one will be directly invited. The team that is most likely to receive a direct invite is EG as the TI5 champion team is excluded from the Americas qualifier invite list and is The Summit 3's second placer.

The games will be streamed on Twitch by BeyondTheSummit.

Source: BeyondTheSummit

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