Interview with IG: "This year is a western year"

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Two separate interviews with IG and IG's coach, KingJ, was released on In these interviews, topics such as the condition of IG and other teams and expectations for the tournament were discussed.

Below are the translations of some of the more significant and interesting questions and answers from the two interviews. The first part of this article will be from IG's interview and the second part will be from the interview with KingJ.

Interview with IG:

IG was the last Chinese team to arrive at The International 5, arriving only yesterday, how is the process of adjusting to the jetlag going? Did the team manage to get some training done?

BuRNing: We handled the jet lag pretty well but a few of us still woke up early [due to jet lag]. We have been training the entire time and when we arrived, whoever we could play we played against.

Could you tell us about who you played with and the results of the scrims?

ChuaN: We trained against the western teams who were either in the other group or proceeded [to the main event] from the qualifiers. Whether we won or not...I'm not revealing it.

How is IG feeling walking into this tournament? On IG there are three former TI2 champions and a fourth place finisher at TI4, so what are your expectations? 

Ferrari_430: We want to win the group stage and enter the main event, then at the main event, we want to maintain composure and get into the top four.

(ChuaN starts laughing)

Why did you laugh ChuaN? What is your difference in opinion?

We came here to get fourth place.

Does this have to do with you BurNIng?

Maybe they think I'll be concerned.

What do you think the chances of a Chinese team winning TI5 are?

Luo: I feel that LGD and VG both can do it, I think that the Chinese teams will most probably win this year. I feel that even CDEC and EHOME stand a chance.

Faith: I feel like this year is a western year, the victors of Ti5 is likely to be either Secret or EG. As for the Chinese teams, based on recent scrim results, the better Chinese teams are LGD and VG.

Ferrari, how do you think you will face up against the up and coming mid players?

Ferrari: Because this is a team game and not a 1v1, I think it will be fairly even. Maybe at times I am slightly weaker, maybe stronger at times but there will not be any large differences.

Interview with kingJ, IG's coach:

What are your views on Fnatic bootcamping in Sweden?

During the Orange eSports days (three current Fnatic members are ex-Orange members), they trained in China and played against Chinese teams but their results were not very good. Due to this, they might think that training in Europe with a European style of training might suit them better.

So what about IG? Is there anything special about your style?

We take bits and pieces of other team's strategies and if we want to boast a little, I think that using the term "hero pool" to describe the amount the heroes we can play is an understatement, it should be more like a "hero sea". However, although we know how to play lots of heroes, there are only a few heroes we are good at.

With the results of the wildcard now decided, what are you thoughts on the teams?

I feel that CDEC as a team were very stressed, making mistakes such as skilling level two blink on QOP at level four. Possibly because this is the first time at TI5 for the players, they are stressed, but as they played, their performance got better. I'm pretty happy for them.

What about Vega's performance today?

When we [IG] practiced with them, they were very unrestrained and made very risky moves. However, today, possibly due to the tournament setting, they did not play as risky-especially the Clockwerk, which played extremely safe as opposed to the usual extremely aggressive style.

Source: KingJ's interview, IG's interview

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