TI5 CN Qualifiers: And then there were three

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The third day of the TI5 Chinese qualifiers is now over, EHOME have moved to the grand finals, CDEC will play EP tomorrow in LB finals.

The thid day of The International 5 Chinese qualifiers started with the upper bracket matchup between CDEC and EHOME followed by Wings Gaming and Energy Pacemaker.

EHOME beat CDEC 2-0 securing themselves a ticket to Seattle, however whether it'll be for the wildcard stage or to the main event is still not decided. The second match between Wings Gaming and Energy Pacemaker went the distance but EP won 2-1 to continue their dream run in these qualifiers. 

Tomorrow will be the last day of these qualifiers and will feature two matches, it'll start with EP vs CDEC; the winner of that match will secure themselves a spot in the best of five grand finals to play EHOME and fight for a TI5 main event slot. 

Upper Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


Interesting storylines are emerging, with CDEC losing the most important match of the qualifiers so far against EHOME after a very impressive group stage and Energy Pacemaker continuing their dream run, it'll be interesting to see what the final day of these qualifiers hold for us as three teams battle it our for a spot in the fifth edition of the International.




Draft of the first game, that fourth pick Storm Spirit caught CDEC by surprise.


CDEC were favorites coming into the best of three series since they had an amazing run in the round robin; having a perfect record 8-0 while EHOME were 6-2 in their group. 

But Fan 'rOtk' Ban had other plans, he drafted CDEC into a corner in the first game with a fourth pick Storm Spirit. CDEC had no counters for the hero and he snowballed early, getting a 22 minute Bloodstone and Orchid. The threat of Storm didn't allow the Radiant heroes to farm even in their own jungle, this secured the first game for EHOME. 


Energy Pacemaker vs Wings Gaming


Draft of the first game, "The Tiny Wisp Counter"


Both the teams defied odds in their groups to get to this stage, they also had the same record in the round robin 5-3 therefore there were no clear favorites and was expected to be a close match. 

The highlight of this series in terms of draft was the second game, where Wings picked Wisp and Tiny in the first phase but Energy Pacemaker tailored their draft to perfectly counter the duo. They picked durable heroes to prevent the burst from the Tiny, the lineup was also good at pushing. EP were admant about pushing and stuck to the Tier 3 towers, taking all three lanes of barracks down in a methodical way, eventually getting mega creeps and securing themselves a victory to fight in the final game. 

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