Invasion on top in TI5 Open Qualifier SEA

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Invasion eSports finished first out of 781 teams, to secure themselves a spot in the International 5 Qualifiers for the SEA region. 

The International 5 SEA Open Qualifiers ended tonight and Invasion eSports won six matches in a row, in their final game they beat Execration two games to one to secure themselves a slot in the Regional Qualifiers.

The International 5 SEA qualifier teams:

Singapore 5eva
Philippines Mineski
Singapore Can't Say Wips
Philippines Rave
Philippines TnC Gaming
Korea MVP.Phoenix
Malaysia Signature.Trust
Malaysia G-Guard
Korea MVP.HOT6
Australia Invasion

The Malaysia based organization made a few roster changes on this week, bringing in Alex 'blackshatan' Chang and Phuc 'lordboonz' Nguyen in place of Wong 'Ghost' Chong and Ahmad 'ADTR' Syazwan. The team has accomplished a lot considering that current roster was put in place just four days ago. 

Roster for TI5  qualifier:

Australia Alex 'blackshatan' Chang
Australia Phuc 'lordboonz' Nguyen
Australia Trent 'sLiCKz' Tucker 
Malaysia Joel 'XTiNcT' Chan
Malaysia Loh 'dabeliuteef' Liong

For the European Open Qualifiers and other information about the International 5, head on over to our coverage hub.

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