Rave have reached the Summit

Dota 2 Pranjal “pranjal26” Drall

It seems that Rave's visa adventures have reached a happy ending, as the team has managed to acquire US visas for the Summit 3 in LA, California.

Rave have been trying to get their VISA for Los Angeles, California since they declined to go to Starladder 12 back in March and have got their hands on it. The Filipino squad has been plagued with all sorts of VISA problems due to the Bureau of Immigration and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. They have been working closely with Senator Bam Aquino who has been supporting Rave since their journey at DAC.  

The squad had to pull out of Starladder 12 SEA Qualifiers, the MLG Pro League LAN Finals in Ohio, Columbus and they were not able to play matches together in Korea due to the same problems.  The team crashed out of ESL Frankfurt 2015 and Red Bull Battlegrounds after losing to Underminer and Team Malaysia respectively after having internet problems in both the series for the Phillipine players.  

Rave's struggle with VISA problems has become a national sensation, they're being interviewed by various Television and Radio shows. Senator Bam Aquino who been with them throughout these issues helped the Filipinos to get their VISA. The Jeyo lead team will be going to the Summit 3 in Los Angeles which begins on May 3 and will feature a prize pool north of $250,000.

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