TongFu silently brings Kabu back to save their team

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TongFu brings back Kabu and Qian to salvage whatever is left of the Chinese team after they went 1-7 in the past month and crashed out in last place in almost every tournament they join.

After TongFu's disastrous finish at Dota 2 Asian Championship, the team made a roster change on March 12th bringing in veterans Yang 'KingJ' Zhou and Cong 'zExBinGo' Zeng to lead the team.

Recently, TongFu has made yet another roster change, albeit a silent one, removing their two newest additions and replacing them with Kai 'Kabu' Zhao, TongFu's coach and frequent ringer, and Wen Yao 'Qian' Li, the player they removed to make space for KingJ and zExBinGo. TongFu has also removed their solo mid player Zi Xing 'XinQ' Zhao for Youjia 'SryFox-Red' Sun, a player highly affliated with the TongFu organisation.

No explicit reasons have been reported or stated for the change but it is most likely due to their recent poor performance across the qualifiers of Starladder XII, Dota 2 Champions League, and The Summit 3.

TongFu suffered a 1-7 record with their previous roster and did not make it past the first round of the three tournaments they participated in. The only match TongFu won the past month was recorded on March 16th against tier-two Chinese team Braveheart in the first phase of D2CL Chinese qualifier.

TongFu debut their new roster against LGD last night but they suffered a 2-0 defeat against Ning 'xiao8' Zhang and co. TongFu will be facing Vici Gaming Potential in the loser bracket of VPGame Pro League next.

TongFu previous roster:
China Yang 'KingJ' Zhou
China Zeng 'zExBinGo' Cong
China Xun 'uuu9' Han
China Luo 'MrLiukeAL-lpc' Puchao
China Zhao 'XinQ' Zixing

TongFu current roster:

China Wenyao 'Qian' Li
China Kai 'Kabu' Zhao
China Youjia 'SryFox-Red' Sun
China Xun 'uuu9' Han
China Luo 'MrLiukeAL-lpc' Puchao

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