EG, Secret and NiP decline i-League Season 3 invites

Dota 2 Richard “Hibbert” Hibbert

With the announcement that the i-League LAN finals will take place one day before The International 5 qualifiers, all three teams have declined their invitations while NiP manager Isola has cited scheduling issues on his personal Twitter account.

Questions have been raised about the timing of the third season of i-League after it was announced that the LAN finals will take place between May 19th and May 24th, allegedly a single day before the beginning of The International 5 qualifiers. With these concerns being raised the managers of Evil Geniuses, Team Secret and Ninjas in Pyjamas have all announced their teams will not be accepting their invites to the $300,000 tournament, with both Linus 'isola' Svensson and Matthew 'Cyborgmatt' Bailey confirming on their personal Twitter accounts that the decision is for scheduling problems. Cyborgmatt went as far as stating that his decision involved 'unclear rules regarding how they will actually pay' and a 'poor track record with Western teams'.



During the build up to previous season of i-League, there was a large amount of drama revolving around teams withdrawing from the competition after HellRaisers, Virtus Pro and Cloud 9 all decided not to attend. Cloud 9's decision to withdraw from the tournament saw them initially banned from this season, a decision that was later overturned.

Find the i-League Season 3 announcement here.

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