CDEC will not be attending StarLadder Season 11

Dota 2 Mervyn “ISB” Tan

CDEC have just announced that they will not be attending the StarLadder Season 11 LAN finals that begin this Thursday, as they were unable to obtain their visas in time. 

CDEC have just tweeted that their team were unable to obtain visas to Ukraine for the upcoming LAN finals. CDEC came in runner-up in the Chinese qualifying phase, which saw them sweep Vici Gaming 2-0 twice enroute to the second qualifying spot. The team has been performing well within China as of late, although they recently made a roster change by removing founding player 333-seven, with coach Mikasa standing-in. 

The StarLadder Season 11 LAN finals begin on January 15, at the Cybersport Arena in Kiev, Ukraine. Featuring a $124,000 prizepool, this will be the second season in a row whereby a Chinese team has given up on its spot at the LAN finals. Three months ago, both Vici Gaming and NewBee pulled out of the LAN finals, and had to be replaced by Cloud9 and Virtus Pro. 

StarLadder have not made an official announcement on the issue, and will have to find a replacement in the short term. As for Invictus Gaming, there is no confirmation if they will be attending the LAN final. If they do attend, they will be playing with BurNing standing-in for Chisbug, who has already left the roster. 

Mervyn “ISB” Tan
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