Dendi: 'I was shocked about the success, we played really horrible two days ago'

Dota 2 Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf

One of the most iconic Dota 2 player, Dendi of Natus Vincere, talks about the team's performance, the drafting role, how they struggled with the recent patch and how it's rough constantly being on the road.

Interview with Dendi of Natus Vincere

It's Dendi's second time in Romania (the first time was earlier this year) and he talks about his stay and how he enjoys the country. Afterwards he proceeds to mention the teams new roster started out well but they had a hard time to adapt to the huge patch that arrived in late September. They struggled at events due to them not getting comfortable with the patch. Currently he feels they are playing better though. Despite Dendi now being the picker, he mentions that it's mainly the entire team drafting which is both good and bad due to different ideas within the team. During the laning phase, it's mostly Fng and Vanskor calling the shots and in later stages, Dendi will typically be more talkative in terms of directions and ideas.

They have also been travelling a lot the recent weeks which has been hard since the team always been on the road and usually jetlagged, no time to rest with friends and no time to practice. As a result, Dendi mentions that they might scale down on their tournament participation in the future. Of the events they attended this season, he enjoyed being in New York the most and mentions how he would like to visit New Zealand because of the stunning nature.

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