$15,000 NVidia Game24 DotA 2 Invitational Announced

Dota 2 Jao “doge” Gavino

NVidia, with their "24-hour celebration of PC gaming" dubbed Game24, have announced a DotA 2 invitational as part of the festivities, with four of the world's top teams competing for a $15,000 prize pool.

On September 18-19, 2014, NVidia kicks off a 24-hour festival of that hobby we all know and love, PC gaming. Starting at September 18th, 6:00PM PDT, events in cities such as Los Angeles, Shanghai, Stockholm, and London, among other locations will begin an unprecedented 24-hour celebration.

Among the events at this "PC gaming holiday" is a $15,000-prize pool DotA 2 invitational tournament, with four of the west's top teams duking it out in an all best-of-five, single elimination bracket.

The participating teams

 Cloud 9
 Evil Geniuses
 Team Tinker

The event's schedule

Prize Pool Distribution ($15,000)

1st - $7,000
2nd - $4,000
3rd/4th - $2,000

The event's English stream can soon be viewed here, with Aaron "Ayesee" Chambers casting. The DotaTV ticket is set to be released soon for free.

Learn more about the event, as well as how you can sign up for the activities here.

News image courtesy of NVidia

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