Newbee defeat VG to claim the TI4 title and over $5,000,000

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After going one game down to ViCi, NewBee pull out three wins in a row with the last game ending in just 15 minutes. With this victory they are the champions of The International 2014, taking the title, the Aegis and over $1 million each, which is the biggest prize in competitive gaming to date.

Final prize pool distribution:

1st - $5,028,300 - China Newbee

2nd - $1,475,699 - China Vici Gaming 
3rd - $1,038,455 - United States Evil Geniuses
4th - $819,833 - China Team DK

5-6th - $655,866 - International Cloud9 / China LGD Gaming

7-8th - $519,227 - Ukraine Natus Vincere / China Invictus Gaming
9-10th - $49,190 - Malaysia Titan / United States Team Liquid
11-12th - $38,259 - Europe Mousesports / Sweden Alliance
13-14th - $21,862 - Russia Empire / Europe Fnatic

NewBee vs ViCi Gaming

Game One

Game Two

Game Three

Game Four

Watch a video of the winning moment here!



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