Alliance eliminated, Mouz forces tiebreakers with LGD and Newbee

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The TI4 groupstage matches have just concluded, with defending champions Alliance being eliminated from the competition by Evil Geniuses. Through their impressive 16-minute victory against Liquid, Mousesports are now tied with LGD and Newbee for the 9th and 10th slot that leads to Phase 3.

All the participants of the TI4 groupstage have played their 15 matches, and now have the final rankings for Phase 2. ViCi Gaming is the ultimate leader of the groupstage, with 12-3, followed by Evil Geniuses with 11-4. These two teams have secured their place in the Winners Bracket of the TI4 Main Event, taking place from July 18th through July 21st at Key Arena, Seattle.

They are followed by DK and iG who occupy the 3rd/4th slot with a score of 10-5 and 9-6 respectively. Na'Vi, Cloud9, Team Liquid and Titan are all tied at 8-7 but will occupy the rankings in an orderly manner from 5th to 8th as presented, unless decided otherwise.

The most interesting part begins with a battle for 9th and 10th slots as Mousesports convincingly force a three way tiebreaker with LGD and NewBee. The tiebreakers will be played in a round robin best-of-one format with Mousesports facing LGD in the first tiebreaker shortly.

Meanwhile, Fnatic bowed out of the competition with flair with a Trixi Pudge against Cloud9. The winner of the tiebreaker proceeds into the second bracket of Phase 3 while the runner-up of the tiebreaker shall proceed into the first bracket. Team Liquid and the 10th place will play for a spot in the main event on Sunday in a BO3 format. Titan is also on the brink of elimination as they will face the 9th place team on Monday with the losing team unable to participate in the main event. Teams from 3rd place to 6th place are guaranteed to be in the main event and will face off in Phase 3 to decide their spot in the upper bracket or in the lower bracket.

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