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TI4 qualifiers : Liquid - NAR tied in grand final, final game to be played tomorrow

With a clean 2-0 victory against SNA, Liquid reached the Grand Final of the American TI4 qualifiers along with NAR. The two teams are currently tied with a 2-2 gamescore, but the final game has been postponed until May 16th, 22:00 CEST, due to server issues.

The end of the American qualifiers of TI4 is upon us, and two competitors from the United States have the chance to claim the direct seed into the main tournament. Liquid reached the Grand Final earlier today, after defeating Sneaky Nyx Assassins with 2-0 in the Lowers Bracket final. They joined North American Rejects, the team that defeated them yesterday, in the last best-of-five battle of the qualifiers. Both teams will be going to Seattle, as the runner-up will compete against the second placers of the other regional qualifiers for a spot in The International 4.

The two teams are currently tied with a score of 2-2. The drafting phase of the fifth game is complete, but server issues forced the administration to reschedule the match. Thus, the final game will be played tomorrow, at 4PM EDT / 10PM CEST, with the same picks.

It should be noted that the SEA qualifiers will also be starting tomorrow, with ten squads from Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines will compete for the dream journey to Seattle. The first matches are scheduled to take place at 6:00 AM CEST, so make sure you set your alarms properly!

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Headline image by Team Liquid.

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