Xiao8 leaves LGD, Maybe steps in

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Zang 'xiao8' Ning, the former captain of LGD.cn who helped the team reach third place at The International 2 is no longer a part of the squad. He will be replaced by Yao 'Maybe' Lu, a new promising talent. 

The 2014 Chinese shuffle is ongoing, and the teams are looking to upgrade their rosters in an attempt to become as strong as possible for the new year. Today, LGD announced their move, and replaced their former captain Zang 'xiao8' Ning with Yao 'Maybe' Lu.

Xiao8 has been the captain of LGD since 2011 when he joined the team with his teamate Leong 'DDC' Fat-Meng. Also known as 'The Director8', Ning helped LGD reach many victories during the 2011-2013 period. One of the highlights of his career was LGD's third place in the second version of The International, after their defeat against iG in the loser's bracket. You can read more about xiao8's career here.

Following xiao8's departure, LGD announced a replacement right away - signing Yao 'Maybe' Lu. With this decision, the LGD management continues their tradition and bring one more new and promising player into the scene. Previously, they roped in Zhang 'xiaotuji' Wang, also known as Rabbit for the out-going Sylar after The International 3 due to internal conflicts.

Maybe has been a part of Greedy, the team of Bu 'Yaphets' Yanjun, but his accomplishments in the Chinese scene are relatively low. Much like xiaotuji, LGD believe that Maybe will bring new ideas to the team and refresh their strategies. One can only hope that Maybe fits well into the team and continue the legacy.

We have not received any updates about xiao8's new team, but it is almost certain that he will join a new team. One can only make assumptions but chances want Ning to join the new so-called 'Dream Team' along with other Chinese superstars. More information about the Chinese shuffle can be found here.

LGD team roster:

China Yao 'Maybe' Lu
China Zheng Zheng 'Yao' Yao
China Xie 'dd' Bin
China Wang 'Xiaotuji' Zhang
Macau Fat-Meng 'ddc' Leong

Source: LGD facebook

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