LGD.cn pulls out of D2L due to roster issues

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LGD can not attend the D2L playoffs next week and will instead be replaced by Team Liquid. The reason given to D2L was said to be roster issues, no details were revealed.

The Chinese team LGD has not had an overly successful post-TI3 period. In fact, even during TI3 they did not face any success and were eliminated before reaching a prized position, thus sending them back to China with no winnings. Their only championship since was the National eSports Competition where they bagged around $16,500 USD. After that they took second place at Sina Cup season 2, granting them about a tenth of their earnings from the National eSports Competition as well as a shared third place in G-League, with a similar prize. In WPC-ACE they went from a possible place in the finals to getting fourth place and no prize money, all in one day.

Now, on top of that, D2L reports that LGD pulls out of the Dota 2 League playoffs. They previously won all seven of their best-of-threes in the qualifying season but unfortunately can not attend the playoffs due to roster issues. What these roster issues may bring is still too early to reveal and one can mostly speculate. Outside Team DK, most of the Chinese teams have proved to be rather unstable in terms of results, except for Invictus Gaming who seems to be constant challenger of titles. ChuaN (who still tags Invictus Gaming) tweeted that he will be back and the Eastern winds are carrying echoes of change, referring to possible roster shuffles.

As for the Dota 2 League playoffs, season third-placer Invictus Gaming could not take LGD's place due to commitments in ECL. Similar matters unfortunately apply to all Chinese teams, and the spot was instead offered to the Western third-placer Team Liquid who accepted the invitation. Team Liquid had a good run in online tournaments during 2013 but left much to wish for when it came to the intense offline finals. The Dota 2 League playoffs takes place Tuesday to Wednesday in Las Vegas, United States.

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Source: Ayesee's announcement
Headline photo source: SCNTV.com

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