LGD.Cn dominant in NEST Finals against iG

Dota 2 Johan “Sun_Tzu” Järvinen

LGD.Cn claim a convincing 2-0 win over Invictus Gaming in the Grand Finals of National Electronic Sports Tournament in order to walk away with $ 16,500, while TongFu were able to take out recent hot streak team ViCi Gaming in order to finish third.

The first game of the finals almost looked like it could have been a fairly close game, until things went well and truly out of hand for iG as LGD.Cn got themselves a teamwipe 10 minutes in, outside of Roshan after a strong Clockwerk into Call Down initiation. After this point nothing seemed to go right for iG, culminating in a four man gank attempt on a Bane at mid lane 15 minutes in, where they failed to secure the kill on the Bane while losing all of their lives, causing them to tap out. Final kills were 16-4 in favour of LGD.Cn, with iG not having been able to push a single tower even while having Nature's Prophet on their side.

iG tried to bring the aggression with a earlier and mid game lineup, which did not work out, as well as hoped that LGD.Cn were able to consistently use their tanky lineup to outlast their compatriots in order to turn fights around and gain the upper hand over time, in particular with the Weaver played by Wang 'xiaotuji' Zhang becoming a nearly immortal nuisance, ending the 30-minute game with 17/1/13, taking part in 30 out of 32 kills for LGD.Cn.


1st Place - China LGD.Cn - $ 16,500
2nd Place - China Invictus Gaming - $11,500
3rd Place - China TongFu - $ 8,000

Headline image by 2p.Com.