Fnatic in the lead of Netolic Pro League, Cup #2 to kick off

Dota 2 Andreas “drouks” St

The first cup of Netolic Pro League now belongs to Fnatic, after a dominant 2-0 performance against Speed Gaming. Cup #2 is scheduled to commence on October 25, with Fnatic facing Virtus.Pro at 18:00 CET.

Netolic Pro League waved goodbye to 6.78 with an interesting final between Fnatic and Speed Gaming. EternalEnvy's crew unleashed some of the strongest heroes of the previous meta including Troll Warlord, Elder Titan and Weaver against n0tail's gang, but were unable to get Fnatic out of their comfort zone. Fnatic used two traditional mid casters (Invoker - Queen of Pain) with emphasis given to strong ganks and teamfights, getting two consecutive victories to win the $1000 cash prize. 

The second version of Netolic Pro League Cup will start this week, with Fnatic and Virtus.Pro battling it out in the premiere of the cup at 18:00 CET. Evil Geniuses will take on Empire, while DD.Dota and Mousesports will face Dignitas and Speed Gaming respectively. The top of the leaderboard belongs to Fnatic, but with three cups remaining in Netolic Pro League Season 4, anything can happen between the eight participants.


Position Team Points Earnings
1 Europe Fnatic 100 $1000
2 Other Speed Gaming 75 -
3 United States Evil Geniuses 50 -
4 Russia Empire 50 -
5 Europe DD.Dota 25 -
6 Denmark Mousesports 25 -
7 United States Dignitas 25 -
8 Russia Virtus.Pro 25 -


Live broadcasting of the matches will be provided by NetolicTV.

For more information on Netolic Pro League Season 4, visit the Official NetolicTV website.



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