RoX.KIS, no hassle for Alliance

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Alliance took down RoX.KIS in the first match of day two in Star Series VII in two quick successions. Starting their day relatively shaky, Alliance was able to bounce back in game one and bring that momentum to game two where they took down the Russians without much of a hassle. Their victory in the semi-finals of the winner bracket means we will see the grand rematch of Na'Vi versus Alliance in the winner bracket final at 15:00 CEST today

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Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3




Match report

Game one

In game one of the opening games in Star Series VII day two, RoX.KIS opted for a survival line-up, picking heroes that would be generally harder to die due to great mobility. However, due to great support by Nature's Prophet, Batrider was able to stack Sticky Napalms on Queen of Pain and picked him off for the First Blood.

Despite giving away the First Blood, RoX.KIS stroked back with four consecutive kills all over the map and found themselves in a very comfortable position after killing Troll Warlord on the top lane. Alliance responded to RoX.KIS' aggressiveness by buying more Observer and Sentry Wards and placing them in their jungle to stop RoX.KIS from going rampant and it worked to great effect. Due to that, RoX.KIS started getting more and more aggressive and their eagerness got the better of them at 17 minutes. Diving deep into Alliance's tier-one middle tower, RoX.KIS split as soon as more of Alliance teleported in and they were eventually picked off one by one, resulting in a full team wipe.

From there onwards, the Swedes' tenacity earned them a Roshan kill after a few more pick offs and eventually all of RoX.KIS' outer towers. Soon enough, Alliance find themselves to be in a commanding lead and there was nothing RoX.KIS could do to stop them. Losing another battle on the middle lane, RoX.KIS surrendered at 28 minutes.


Game two

AdmiralBulldog can't play Clockwerk? Yes, he can. Left to solo the safe lane against the Weaver, Clockwerk slowly used Cogs to burn Weaver's mana and eventually ran up to the manaless Weaver for the First Blood. At the same time, the same can be said about RoX.KIS on the top lane as they cornered Troll Warlord at the side shop and slowly right click him to death. Both teams exchanged many kills in the first ten minutes of the game mostly because Clockwerk and Night Stalker are constantly leading the gank for Alliance. Exploiting Night Stalker's high vision during night time, Alliance was able to secure their first kill lead since First Blood after kill Shadow Fiend for the second time.

13 minutes into the game, Alliance had double of RoX.KIS' kills. Even during daytime, RoX.KIS had no capacity to farm freely in the lane due to the threat of Clockwerk. Alliance spared no time in taking down Roshan and giving the Aegis to Troll Warlord, who at that point already had Shadow Blade and Black King Bar at his disposal. Eventually, Alliance pushed high ground and there was nothing the under farmed RoX.KIS' heroes could do to stop the Swedes.