Virtus.Pro and dd.Dota join Netolic Pro League #4

Dota 2 Johan “Sun_Tzu” Järvinen

The final two teams of the Netolic Pro League West have been announced, with Virtus.Pro and dd.Dota rounding out the field of competitors for the $15.000 prize pool tournament, due to take place from October 9th to November 21st.

dd.Dota, Quantic.flipsid3 or whatever name they may go by, the team has been showing solid results as of late having shored up a split second place finish in StarLadder Star Series Season 7 groupstages and securing themselves a spot for the LAN Finals. This highly promising team will look to continue their good run in the Netolic Pro League, although they will have to contend with the continued absence of Adrian 'FATA-' Trinks, who is still sidelined due to his hand injury.

Meanwhile Virtus.Pro have been all over the place, changing around roles and drafters as they look to make their star players fit together. Without a doubt, if the team were to find their stride they have a mix of great experience and great talent which should strike fear into the hearts of all but the strongest of opponents, with potential to become one of the true dominant forces in the Western scene. Will they find their common purpose in Netolic Pro League? You'll have to tune in to find that out.

Format details

Furthermore details have been released regarding the format of the tournament, which is set to be five weeks of "cups" between the eight teams, not unlike that of ThePremierLeague Season 5. These will be best-of-three series with the winner each weak taking home not just the 100 points but also the $1,000 as previously reported. The second place finisher in each "cup" will receive 75 points, the third-fourth place teams 50 points and the remaining teams 25 points.

The last of these cups will finish on the 10th of November, with the playoffs scheduled to start on the 16th, with the top four teams placed into the winners bracket and the bottom four into the losers bracket. The losers bracket will be best-of-one throughout, while the winners bracket is a best-of-three affair, culminating in the Grand Final, which will be a best-of-five series with a one game advantage to the team coming from the winners bracket. This is currently scheduled to take place on the 21st of November.

Cup 1 bracket:

Fnatic vs dd.dota - 9th October 19:00 CEST
Dignitas vs - 10th October 21:00 CEST
Life vs Evil Geniuses - 10th October 18:00 CEST
Virtus Pro vs Empire - TBD


List of participants:
Europe Fnatic
Russia Team Empire
Denmark Team Life
United States Evil Geniuses
United States Dignitas
Russia Virtus.Pro

Live broadcasting of the matches will be provided by NetolicTV.