StarLadder Star Series VII begins tomorrow with five unconfirmed team rosters

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StarLadder Star Series VII will begin tomorrow with the LAN finals set on the 10th of October in Kiev. Five teams including Na`Vi, Empire, RoX.KIS, Kaipi and Quantic, have not confirmed their roster so far.

StarLadder Star Series VII will be kicking off this weekend with five of the sixteen participating teams still with unconfirmed rosters. These unconfirmed teams include Na`Vi, Empire, RoX.KIS, Kaipi and Quantic Gaming.

Similar to the last few seasons, the tournament will begin with a 16 teams round robin groupstage from the 31st of August till the 29th of September followed by a LAN finals on the 10th of October. Four teams with the highest accummulated score wins by the end of the online qualifying stage will be flown to Kiev, Ukraine to compete in the seventh installment of the tournament.

Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson and Jorien 'Sheever' van der Heijden will be the main English broadcasters of the tournament.


Particpating teams in Star Series VII:

Sweden The Alliance (s4, EGM, Akke, Loda, AdmiralBulldog)

Ukraine Na`Vi (TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA)
Europe Fnatic (Fly, Era, n0tail, h4nn1, Trixi)
Russia (NS, Goblak, God, Lost, Resolution)
Russia Team Empire (Scandal, blowyourbrain, vanskor, Silent, TBA)
Russia Poseidon (kSi, Crazy, illidanSTR, jotm, eLight)
Europe aSpera (GoAudio, STompa, Sharfik, Inkvizitor, Zizou)
Russia RoX.KIS (BzzIsPerfect, yol, TBA, TBA, TBA)
Europe Kaipi (EternaLEnVy, pieliedie, bOne7, SingSing, TBA)
Europe Quantic (Sockshka, 7ckngMad, TBA, TBA, TBA)
Kazakhstan  (Mantis, eQual, StalCat, Watafaka, Reeves)
Sweden 4FC (Blomberg, Chrillee, strangby, boomski, giftig)
Belarus PR (zxc, mooNl1ght, fng, j4, ChshrCt)
Finland Team Menace (lapiz, buugi, sifla, daco, spin)
Russia CDCD (Zonder, Sedoy, Stalianer, Nexus, Sqreen)
Russia Duza (Limb0, Kapron, Legion-, Unnstable, MIBTHEBEST)
Star Series VII prizes
Placing Teams Prize money
1st place   $12,000
2nd place   $6,000
3rd place   $3,000
4th place   $1,500

Source: Starladder