Post TI3 team shuffles : Sylar departs from

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After a long and successful period in LGD, Sylar has decided to change his gaming environment and join a new team. With the hard carry position opening, LGD will have to find a new member to fill the now four-man roster.

More and more radical changes take place after The International 3. Today, it is Sylar who leads the dance, as he announces his departure from the Chinese giant The departure is most probably the result of a disappointing performance, with the Asian superstars failing to reach the top eight after a heavy loss against Team Liquid has been one of the most feared teams in Asia and the world. After their impressive performance in The International 2, LGD also conquered G-1 League, Redbull ECL, earning top-three in many other major Chinese tournaments. Sylar has been a core member of the team, known for his lighting-speed farming and his ability to pull-off spectacular performances in many different strategies. His signature picks include Lone Druid, Antimage and Alchemist, while his TI2 Morphling was the scariest of that tournament. With such a heavy résumé, Sylar will surely find a new team soon to continue his career.

Translation : "I am leaving the team, thanks for taking care of me."

The current roster:
China Zhang 'xiao8' Ning
Macau Liang 'DDC' Faming
China Yao 'Yao' Zhengzheng
China Xie 'DD' Bin



LGD has responded with a statement of their own. Translation by Shouperman.

We did not decide for Sylar to leave the team, Sylar is a very strong Carry player, he has contributed massively too all the achievements of LGD in the recent years. The team members are currently on holiday. We are trying to stabilize our relationship with Sylar, hopefully we can sort this issue out maturely. Thanks everyone for caring!

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