Corsair Tournament winner bracket final today

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Fnatic will play Virtus.Pro today to secure the first spot for the grand final of the Corsair Gaming Summer Tournament at 21:00 CEST today. Prior to that, EG will go against iCCup in the loser bracket.

In less than six hours, the second round of the Corsair Gaming Summer Tournament loser bracket will commence with Evil Geniuses taking on iCCup followed by the winner bracket final between Virtus.Pro and Fnatic at 21:00 CEST. The winner of the match between Virtus.Pro and Fnatic will be moving on to the grand final whereas EG will look to move forward to round three of the loser bracket after being dismissed in the winner bracket by Kaipi in the first round.



July 23rd

18.00 CEST - EG vs iCCup
21.00 CEST-  Fnatic vs



EG vs iCCup



Wins-Losses-Draws : 39-31-2 (54.2%) - matches
Latest 20 matches : 25-10 (71.4%) - maps
In the tournament : 6 - 3 (66.7%) - maps

Common : Weaver Treant Dragon Knight Batrider 
Look out for : Queen of Pain Lich Broodmother
Evil Geniuses
Wins-Losses-Draws : 120-71-4 (61.5%) - matches
Latest 20 matches : 22-16 (57.8%) - maps
In the tournament : 8 - 4 (66.8%) - maps

Common : Rubick Nature's Prophet Beasmaster Bounty Hunter 
Look out for : Spectre Enigma Beasmaster

Evil Geniuses are the clear favourite in this match-up but this does not mean iCCup will be going down without a fight. In fact, iCCup had a better run so far in the Corsair Gaming Summer Tournament, winning top place in Group A as well as going through to the second round of the playoffs before losing 2-0 to Fnatic. Both teams have not met each other in an official game lately and will be looking to to do on-the-fly research in the first first game.



Fnatic vs



Wins-Losses-Draws : 123-79-1 (60.6%) - matches
Latest 20 matches : 14-24 (36.8%) - maps
In the tournament : 7-4 (63%) - maps

Common : Nature's Prophet Outworld Devourer Puck Queen of Pain 
Look out for : Vengeful Spirit Silencer Weaver
Wins-Losses-Draws : 148-97-1 (60.2%) - matches
Latest 20 matches : 25-15 (62.5%) - maps
In the tournament : 6-2 (75%) - maps

Common : Rubick Lifestealer Naga Siren Bounty Hunter 
Look out for : Morphling Enigma Mirana​​

Russian Dota players are very known to be very aggressive but Fnatic, also known for being very aggressive, will not back down from the threat. Fnatic tend to run the offensive trilane with Lifestealer as their core and this may severely limit the potential Illidan will have going into the mid-game. The game-changer in this match-up will most possibly be decided by how the solo mid players H4nn1 and Crazy rotate to help out the other lanes, which means an extra room for teamfights.





Corsair Gaming Summer Tournament will be streamed by BeyondtheSummit. Besides the main English stream, we have also arranged a wide variety of shoutcasters of different languages for your convenience.


Hardware giveaway

Corsair was also generous enough to run a hardware giveaway throughout the competition where the first prize is a fully loaded gaming PC. In addition, there are lots of other products up for grabs, such as M95 mice, K95 keyboards, V2000 headsets and MM800 mousepads. To sign up, all you need to do is follow this link, like Corsair on Facebook and enter your email address. Every day, two new people in the contest will be receiving DotaTV tickets. Winners are contacted by email.


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