Dota 2 League playoffs at midnight

Dota 2 Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf

The third season of Dota 2 League is reaching its end with the first match of the playoffs going live at midnight. After tomorrow, the two finalists will be known and go up against each other at Dreamhack Valencia, July 20 to 21.

Only two matches remain for the regular season of RaidCall Dota 2 League, season 3. Those two are Natus Vincere vs Alliance and Natus Vincere vs The first match, between Na`Vi and [A] might get forfeited by Na`Vi due to both teams being guaranteed top two spots anyway. will however be taking on the recent Alienware Cup champions tomorrow at 15:00 CEST. The match will decide whether or not VP will be part of the playoffs, they need to win the set in order to proceed further.

The first playoff match will be played at midnight (i.e. 6pm EST), where Fnatic goes up against Team Liquid. The rest of the playoffs will continue tomorrow after the match between VP and Na`Vi. The bracket will determine which two teams will be heading to Valencia for the offline grand final. The season's prize pool is $10,000.

The games will be casted by Aaron 'Ayesee' Chambers over at Dota2League's channel.



Raidcall D2L playoffs
Time (CEST)
11 July
Europe Fnatic  vs   United States Team Liquid Gosubet
11 July
Germany mousesports  vs   Other Virtus Pro / Dignitas Gosubet
11 July
Other Alliance / Na`Vi  vs   Other mouz / Virtus.Pro / Dignitas Gosubet
12 July
Other Alliance / Na`Vi vs Other Fnatic / Liquid Gosubet


Round 1 - Best of 3

Team M W D L P
13 11 0 2 33
13 10 0 3 30
14 10 0 4 30
14 7 0 7 21
14 5 0 9 15
14 4 0 10 12
14 4 0 10 12
14 4 0 10 12
Matches and results

Ties are settled first through matches won, and then by games and then by score difference within games. The table above unfortunately does not reveal the games won.

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