Alliance wins Aghanim Cup, EG still on top

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Fnatic are back on track with their Dota game after a period of shaky play. In the third Premier League cup, known as the Aghanim they went up against Alliance in the finals. However, Alliance were too strong this time around.

Evil Geniuses and Mousesports topped the rankings coming into this cup, both at 130 points. However Kaipi took out mousesports in the first very round, thus halting their point progression for the time being. By doing so, Kaipi also ensured themselves their very first points so far in the tournament. Evil Geniuses did even better, reaching round 2 where they lost to Alliance and then went on to beat Kaipi in the third place match.

However, the two big teams this time around were none other than Fnatic and Alliance who both battled their way to the finals, showcasing a match-up which was often seen in late playoff rounds a few months back. Fnatic demolished Alliance in the first game, utilizing a Viper pick. Alliance stepped up and delivered stable and beautiful Dota in game two, evening out the series for a final encounter. The last game started out well for Fnatic, although H4nn1 struggled versus s4 mid. Utilizing buybacks, Alliance managed to win a few key fights and afterwards found space to farm up Loda. Eventually the game slipped out of Fnatic's hand and the sturdy Queen of Pain and Alchemist from s4 and Loda proved too strong. Alliance takes The Premier League - Aghanim Cup, although it's not enough to take lead of the entire tournament as Evil Geniuses still has more points in total. All eight teams are now on the chart except for RoX.KiS who are still to win a single game.



Three down, four to go. These are the current standings for the cups:

Overall Standings
#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
United States Evil Geniuses 160 points 100 30 30        
Sweden Alliance 150 points 0 50 100        
Germany Mousesports 130 points  30 100 0        
Europe Fnatic 50 points 0 0 50        
Russia Virtus.Pro 50 points 50 0 0        

Europe Quantic

36 points 18 18 0        
Europe Kaipi 18 points 0 0 18        
Russia RoX.KIS 0 points 0 0 0        














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