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Two days after booting JulZ and Owey, Dreamz decided to let another player go. This time, it's Patrick 'JyC' Pascua who will depart the team, leaving the Philippines squad with two players. The squad now has to find three players to supplement their DotA 2 roster.

After giving Joshua 'Owey' Dela Cruz and Julius 'Julz' Domingo the boot three days ago, Dreamz Ledion Steelseries.Dota 2 has apparently removed Patrick 'JyC' Pascua also.


Statement by Patrick 'JyC' Pascua

I don't think this is necessary but just to clear things out and for the people asking me, I'm already out of Dreamz Dota's roster since last week. I left due to some personal issues. I would like to thank our manager, Justin Alm for everything that he did for us. Thank you to SteelSeries Philippines Fanpage and Ledion FAMILY for believing in us. Thank you to my former team mates for the experiences and enjoyment. I hope that I can find a new team soon


Although Patrick mentioned that his departure is due to personal issues, our sources told us that the removal of Julz and JyC is due to some disagreement with their team manager, Justin 'BigDogJ' Almeida. Owey's departure on the other hand, is less dramatic because he left the team due to real life commitments.

Being one of the longest stable Pinoy teams in the market, Dreamz sudden downfall may be attributed to their recent questionable performance in The International 3 Eastern qualifiers.

The previous Dreamz full roster was one of the most successful Pinnoy squads, winning many local tournaments and placing 2nd in GosuCup Asia VI. One could say that their invitation to The International 3 was also a big success, but the team did not manage to reach Seattle after dropping relatively fast in the Eastern Qualifiers.

Dreamz is now down to two players and according to our sources, very close to disbanding.

Dreamz current roster:

Philippines Lloyd 'LA' Alfred
Philippines Hiroshi 'Yoshi' Yoshimoto

Source: Facebook

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