G-1 Day 3: Alliance undefeated in China

Dota 2 Linus “Tjernobylbarnet” Staaf

Written by Tjernobyl, ReiNNNN and dragonccc 

[team]Alliance[/team] takes the G-1 League Championship without losing a single game. They beat [team]LGD[/team] 2-0 in the finals whereas the second game shows a complete outplay by Alliance.



Table of Contents


1. Group Standing
2. Playoff bracket
3. Schedule
4. Live Report from Shanghai


Group Standing


Team M W D L P
5 5 0 0 15
5 4 0 1 12
5 2 0 3 6
5 2 0 3 6
5 1 0 4 3
5 1 0 4 3
Matches and results


Playoff Bracket - bubble race


Round 1 - Best of 3


Round 2 - Best of 3


Round 3 - Best of 3

Alliance gets autoseeded into the Finals since they were placed #1 in the group. LGD being placed #2 starts off from the semi final and Orange and DK being placed #3 and #4 plays a quarter final first.


Live Reports from Shanghai






Grand Final - Alliance vs LGD
(times in CEST)

[12:45] The Swedish national anthem was just played live at the venue and the celebrating have already begun. Congratulations, Alliance!

1st - Alliance - $40,200
2nd - LGD - $12,800
3rd - Orange - $4,800
4th - DK eSports - $3,200
5th - Team Liquid - $1,600
5th - Invictus Gaming - $1,600

[12:30] Alliance at the moment of victory -




[12:04] Alliance pushes at the top lane, manages to find a few single pickoffs, Loda blinks behind the towers of LGD's base and crits down DD to death. LGD throws in the towel and Alliance claims the championship title.

[12:02] A big fight at the Rosh pit breaks out, but LGD are slightly too late and Roshan goes down just before it. Loda takes the Aegis and Xiao8 gets instantly rooted by Bulldog. Top of the cake is when Yao blinks in to use his Reverse Polarity but blinks straight into the Tether, gets stunned and loses the moment to use his ulti. LGD drops like flies.

[11:59] The lanes are too dangerous grounds for LGD right now, they stay inside their jungle to farm up abit before attempting a smoke gank on Loda bottom. But EGM is nearby, hides in the jungle, and with perfect timing relocates Loda to the top lane. LGD didn't even realize Wisp would eventually come back to be killed and just leave the area. Nothing LGD attempts works out, it seems.

[11:53] LGD starts to find a few trades but end up on the worse side of them, killing supports and losing core heroes aswell as the mid tier 1 tower.

[11:51] LGD rotates up all heroes to support Sylar in the lane vs Bulldog. However, Bulldog delivers some serious root gaming and gets a kill on Sylar before the rest of LGD can take down the Bulldog. And then the exact same trade happens a few minutes afterwards, but this time Wisp + PA relocated in to support for the kill on Gyro.

[11:46] S4 is completely outlaning Yao mid, having 40 last hits when Yao only has 20. Bulldog managed to survive a gank top toggling on his ulti form just as he gets stunned. All lanes are going Alliance's way currently. LGD are struggling.

[11:44] LGD goes for the offensive trilane but Alliance predicts this and sends Enchantress top to give Gyro a hard time. Druid gets farm and Gyro is getting nothing. LGD tries for the first blood on Wisp bottom, diving the tier 1 tower. They use both their lane stuns on him but he Tethers out, dodging the Illuminate. What's worse is that Xiao8 is now focused by the tower, Loda and EGM turn around, focus him and EGM gets the first blood in the 2vs3 lane.

[11:39] Interesting picks from both teams, Alliance doing their PA but without the usual Magnus Empower support. LGD have picked a massive clash potential whereas Alliance clash is sort of weak. Alliance will most likely look for single pick-offs and split pushes.

[11:33] Second game started, Alliance getting a familiar Alliance draft.


[11:08] Bashers are up on both the Bear and Lifestealer, Alliance going for their right click basher-heavy style as usual. LGD tries to intercept Alliance at the Rosh pit. As soon as LGD moves in to fight, s4 balls into the back line and picks out Bane while the Basher Duo just starts the beatdown. Five kills goes the way of Alliance, losing only EGM. They take Rosh and proceed to push down mid barracks. LGD stands clueless whats to do, fail to defend and call it quits. Alliance wins game 1.

[11:03] Alliance pressure the tier 2 tower, forcing LGD to respond. While some of LGD rotates up, Storm Spirit (infested by Lifestealer) jumps straight into Magnus outside his own base, silences him and kills him. Followed by the said tower getting destroyed aswell. The tower score is now 5-2 in favour of Alliance. LGD's game plan remains a mystery.

[10:59] Alliance hit their item timing with Armlet on both Bear and Lifestealer as well as a basher on the Bear. They take down tier 1 and tier 2 mid towers, LGD remains passive. Sylar finally takes down the tier 1 bot tower shortly after.

[10:56] Lone Druid leads the networth chart and Alliance takes down an uncontested Roshan. Aegis for s4.

[10:54] Alliance finds a pickoff on Sylar but then s4 overextends a bit midlane and gets lifted, gripped and killed. Alliance are ahead at this point of the game, both in exp and gold. Mid tower gets denied by Alliance.

[10:48] Both teams aims to farm up, no skirmishes going on. Yao finishes his Dagger but Alliance dodges team fights so Yao hasn't been able to Reverse Polarity clash anywhere yet.

[10:42] Alliance doing some good trades, s4 ganks bottom again but dies after the death of Brood due to Magnus teleportation. Xiao8 goes down top meanwhile and Loda takes the tower.

[10:39] Despite the situation mid, Yao managed to find the first blood on s4 mid. S4 immediately ganks Brood bot when he's alive.

[10:37] S4 is dominating Yao midlane, but Yao sniping some lucky runes, allowing him to stay in the lane and farm up. Loda is struggling top though in the tri vs tri scenario, not finding the farm he wants to.


[10:33] Draft done, Sylar is going to be play Broodmother, interesting for sure! Alliance have a pretty default Alliance pick.

[10:23] Game started! Betters of GGnet has 66% faith in Alliance, Dota2Lounge 62% and the joinDota community believes in Alliance as much as 83%.


[09:55] If you haven't checked out our G-1 coverage page yet, then now is a good time to do so. You can find articles, interviews, news, photos and VODs over there. You can also check out drafts for each game by clicking a game in one of the bracket / group boxes. >>G-1 Champion's League Coverage hub.

[09:38] The audience are getting really excited for the grand final between Alliance and LGD, the best of the west vs the best of the east.

[09:30] In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the interview we made with Akke:





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