, eL'Pride and Keita Gaming qualify for The Defense 4, groups drawn

Dota 2 Sovann “Skim” Kim

-Update- The groups have been released and with the revised formats we will see lots of exciting match-ups. 


The qualifier for The Defense 4 has concluded and, eL'Pride and Keita Gaming remain victorious. Over the span of the past two days, all three teams have fought valiantly in a double elimination bracket with the deciding games being best-of-three format., Keita Gaming and eL'Pride will advance to the groupstage of The Defense Season 4. After a two day double elimination qualifier, all three teams remain victorious. While and eL'Pride succeeded in the Upper Bracket, Keita had to fight their way through the Lower Bracket after being dropped down by TCM Gaming in the very first round. The Swedes however fought valiantly and managed to beat every enemy that came their way.


You can find more information on the The Defense 4 in our announcement news.

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