The Defense 4 back with big improvements

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The fourth season of The Defense has been announced and this time, the tournament features a shorter time span and also an increased prize pool to $25,000. The qualifier is set to begin tomorrow with 16 teams battling against each other for the three remaining spots in the main event.

JoinDOTA has announced the fourth season of The Defense and with a shorter time span and a bigger prize pool. The tournament will begin tomorrow with a short two days qualifier before the tournament move onto the groupstage on the 29th of May.

17 teams from Europe and North America have been invited to participate in the tournament while 16 teams will have to fight it out for the remaining three spots of the main event.


Teams invited for The Defense 4
Sweden 4Friends+Chrillee
Denmark Absolute Legends
Peru Artyk Gaming
France DD.Dota
United States Evil Geniuses
Europe Fnatic.EU
Ukraine iCCup
Europe KaiPi
Germany  Mousesports
Ukraine Natus Vincere
Europe QPAD Red Pandas
Russia roX.KIS
United States Team Dignitas
Russia Team Empire
United States Team Liquid
Sweden The Alliance




Teams in The Defense 4 qualifier
Europe Alien Invasion
France Baguette
Ukraine Aurochs
United States Fnatic.NA
France Imaginary
Sweden Keita Gaming
Denmark Lions Pride
Peru Netolic.SA
Argentina paiN Gaming
Belarus Power Rangers
Finland rat in the dark
Peru Splash Gaming
Sweden TCM Gaming
United States Typical Mistakes
Russia zRage


Some of the big changes in comparison to the last season:

- Prize pool increased to $25,000
- Number of teams invited decreased from 32 to 20
- Shorter time span, from 4 months to 2 months long

The format of the tournament has not been announced but is expected to be made public before the qualifier begins tomorrow.



21 May to 22 May - Qualifier
29th May to 2nd June - Group A and Group B
5th June to 9th June - Group C and Group D
29th June to 28th July - Playoffs



The Defense 4 prize distribution

1st place   $12,000

2nd place

3rd place   $4,000
4th place   $2,000


Source: JoinDOTA

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